AA picked up by division rival


I thought CHI or GB would do it to gain an edge on us but it was Minny that claimed him!


AA will contintue to be extremely mediocre except for when playing against the Lions.


This happened during my first year of playing Madden 18. He then played Detroit as a Vike and ran for over 100 yards.

Ya know, just like it usually goes down.



Artose Pinner knows the game.


Yup EA thought of everything.


I hope they use him on kick returns. Our coverage team could use the turnovers


I remember when everybody said how great Zettle was going to be because we cut him.

He has 1 tackle and 1 assist for the season…

And Ryan Broyles wasn’t going to last 5 minutes on the waiver wire if we cut him

AA sucks. He had the fumbles in college and he has had the fumbles as a NFL player.

He got cut because he kills you with fumbles. I am glad he is gone. The fumble against Seattle was the turning point in that game from which we never recovered and dumping his ass was over due.

He was a terrible pick by Mayhew


In 47 snaps, which is nothing.

I get what you’re trying to say, but let’s be fair.


He can’t even get on the field!! :grin:


I’m not sad to see AA go but I sure hope this. doesn’t come back to bite us in the ass later.

I bet he can give Mini all kinds of info on the Lions playbook.


It will be interesting to see if ZZ gets any carries. His before and after physique pictures looks like an ad for Joe Weider protien drink


The fact that he only has 47 snaps and one tackle and one assist and zero sacks…IS THE POINT LOL


Pickin cherries is fun when they’re in season.


Maybe its good that our execution or play calls have been bad so far? Lol