Absurd PC Moments of the 2010s

  1. A college diversity-training course taught that it was culturally insensitive to expect people to be on time.

  2. A professor was accused of sexual harassment for saying that effort is 10 percent of the grade.

  3. University researchers demanded that we accept people who “identify as real vampires."

  4. A Seattle-area councilman was concerned about the city hosing poop off of its sidewalks because he thought that it might seem too racially insensitive.


well at least I didn’t see anything about pussy grabbing in there.

LOL - Post evolving into a political fight in the first response! Can’t say I didn’t see it coiming.

I could finish the thread, if I wanted to spend the energy on it. Some people think OTT means “place to fight about politics.” Boring, tired, old, waste of energy.

Bill Cosby used to tell a joke about his kids in the back seat fighting. “she’s touching me.” “Well she touched me first.” LOL. Many of the conversations feel like you guys are talking about your political parties as if they are Bill Cosby’s kids in the back seat.


Um…a few of those PC things in the article are political in nature.

The P in PC stands for political, right :wink:

Thank you for your contribution