Acting Homeland Security Secretary Resigns

Difficult job, made harder by the challenges of the boss. Anyone got a scorecard, I can’t keep track of all the winning.

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Fixed it for you

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Any guesses on how many of only the best people have occupied that job since Trump became POTUS? Pretty sad how the low information people accept this.

I don’t think you really understand anything about the average “Trump supporters” mindset when it comes to this type of stuff.

I understand it perfectly, Trump was absolutely correct when he said he could gun someone down in the middle of the street and still have their support.

Nope, you don’t get it. Wrong page.

Trump has had 4 now, Obama had 3. John Kelly moved from DHS secretary to Trumps Chief of Staff.

LOL, I don’t get it? Wrong page? Sure thing there Skippy, thankfully the internet has people like yourself to “school” me.

Which means when he replaces McAleenan he will have 5, in how many years? And mentioning the 3 that Obama had in 8 years was because…LOL. Only the best, only the best. And Kelly followed Reince Priebus as chief of staff, who was Trumps first choice and lasted only 6 months. And now it’s Mulvaney. Any guesses on how long he lasts? You need a fucking scorecard to keep track of all the winning from only the best people.

Yes, good thing. But since you have it all figured out…good luck with that.

Trump has trouble hiring people, no doubt about it. I wonder if he has trouble hiring at all after what you saw happen to guys like Paul Manafort. No swamp monsters can work for Trump. Biden couldn’t work for Trump. They’d be investigating those Hunter Biden things faster than you could say “fake news” if he ever tried. You better be squeaky clean if you plan to work for Trump and then be prepared for them to make sh*t up.

It was an “Acting” appointment, which means it was temporary; indeed, he didn’t go through the Senate confirmation process.

The left and the media have created an environment that makes it so tough to work that its almost not worth it. But Trump shitting on most people on their way out the door has made things that much worse, and even people who would gladly take on the left and MSM are not going to see the point if Trump isn’t going to have their back. That part he’s brought on himself.

This is priceless, after what happened to Manafort? You do get that while some of Trumps people are in prison or have been found guilty of an array of crimes, he has also chopped people and forced resignations at an unprecedented level, right? Squeaky clean has nothing to do with making it, making sure your lips don’t leave Trumps ass is how you make it.

Manafort was in solitary confinement without a trial and the reason they gave was “witness tampering”. Excuse me if I don’t believe a word out the Mueller clan. That had horsecrap written all over it.

He violated the conditions of his release while awaiting trial, true or false? Any chance that putting him in solitary was for his own safety? The lengths that the low information supporters go to is amazing. Any thoughts on how you keep your job with Trump? Priceless.

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Evidently you consider yourself a “high” information voter? Let me guess with all the information out there on Hillary you still voted for her?

So it’s the low information voters opinion that because I criticize someone who has earned, EARNED, all the criticism that I level at him that it couldn’t be because he is actually guilty of anything. Nope, it has to be because I voted for Hillary. LOL, I didn’t vote for either of them, and if I had it to over again I still wouldn’t vote for either one of them.

So you had soooo much information you decided to vote for someone who stood no chance of winning anything. Got it.

The guy who didn’t interview for the FBI Director position, didn’t illegally put Manafort in solitary confinement. The guy who did interview however…