Acting Homeland Security Secretary Resigns

This is so easy, link to anything illegal in how Manafort was treated. Man if you thought a criminal like him got a bad deal, just wait until the shit with Guiliani and his buddies hits the fan.

Only a low information voter like yourself could possibly come to such a conclusion. It’s because I know that both candidates were corrupt that I didn’t vote for either. The low information voters, like yourself, see the next election as an opportunity to vote for a corrupt candidate even knowing that he is corrupt. Sad, really.

In Mueller’s defense, he might have been a career slimeball, but he was very clearly suffering from dementia, and being used as a puppet by the left to bring legitimacy to their illegitimate witch hunt.

Its pretty tough to call any regular here in the OTT that joins in our debates a “low information voter.” Sure, people may have the wrong information or too much of one kind of information, but “low information” is a label that doesn’t apply.

2 SCOTUS picks

Record unemployment

Record stock market

Increased economic growth

Better deal than NAFTA

North Korea still irritating but U.S. soldier’s remains returned

China hasn’t wiped out opposition in Hong Kong because of impending trade deal with U.S.

Strongest support for Israel in decades

Record deficit and climbing
How can it be a better deal than NAFTA if it hasn’t been passed?
North Korea still pursuing missile programs with impunity after Trump got played.

Anyone want to take a guess on how many former lobbyists now occupy Trumps swamp? I dare you.

Mexico paying for the wall? Nope

I have a healthcare plan that will cost a fraction of ObamaCare! Anyone seen that plan?

Well, obviously this could continue for some time. The one’s you missed were getting rid of Obama’s deal with Iran, hated it from day one. Getting rid of gov’t regulations made by career nerds that had the same effect as law. Calling out the Chinese, albeit it in a pretty stupid way, when his predecessors were content to kick the can down the road. Forcing the NATO allies to pony up their fair share of the costs.

Look, the problem here is that even when people have all the evidence in the world to be critical of Trump, you refuse to accept the truth. You know why Obama got blamed for increasing the racial divide? Because it happened while he was POTUS but it wasn’t him, it was his followers. When I criticized Obama it had to be because I was a racist. Couldn’t be because he did anything wrong. You guys aren’t looking for truth. I’m done.

We see eye to eye on many of your points, but not all. I just wanted to call attention to this particular part of your post. I was told different. We are racist and possibly even xenophobic for suggesting such a thing. Are you a “trumpkin” or a “trumpanzee?” Its the only way you could see NATO any other way.

I’m joking but I’ve seen things from you that suggest that even when we disagree, at the very least you are using your own brain and deciding on each issue on your own independently of the other.

Your information is horse shit, fed to you in a feed bag by your masters…so don’t think for a minute you are some kind super informed voter cause your melon is full of nonsense.

What do you think the deficit was for 2019 and what do you think the record is ??