After week 1

The Lions total offense is #4 in yards per game, #16 in points. The defense is #17 in yards given and #21 in points.

This is classic lions.


“After 1 week”

-Hockenson is on pace for 16 TD’s this season!

-Adrian Peterson is tied for 5th in Rushing yds and is on pace for 1,488 yards!!


The big reason it’s a lions classic being 4th in offense and 16th in points is not because of redzone efficiency… it’s because of defense. The last 2 years we have been at the top of the league in scoring drive length. Our average starting position is bad because we “bend but don’t break.” We don’t force turnovers or 3 and outs. We also rarely force negative plays either. This means if we want to score… we gotta go 75 yards most of the time.


We need to score TDs. FGs will never win you football games, unless it’s for a winner.

Yup we are dead last in Patricia time here in points off turnovers, average field position created by turnovers, and average overall starting position.
In retrospect Baltimore in same time is #1 in points off turnovers and kc is #1 in average starting position after a turnover. Hmmmm how are these offenses ranked in scoring🤔

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Great observation

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Also - think about closing out games, and what that philosophy looks like, in closing out games - ridiculous.

In watching an interview with our new DC, he was saying how good DB play sets up the DL to be able to get home for sacks. We have the exact wrong players to execute that philosophy. this is why the emphasis has been on the back of the D, and this is why we are losing. Terrible strategy coupled with terrible philosophy, on D.