Air Sex Championships being ..."held" in Vegas

If Circus midgets weren’t enough for OTT banter …

Anyone need me to put their names down?

Is this basically air guitar for pervs?

This is why other countries hate us

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I go to other countries when I want to read positive news about us…

To be fair, I think this started in Japan. I saw it on Worlds Dumbest about 8 years ago. It was a bunch of Japanese dudes acting out insanely elaborate and often impossible sex moves. I was torn between admiration and pity.

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Damn! Will just miss it. I’m in Vegas right now, but head out tomorrow night. There is a hilarious series out there called “What we do in the Shadows.” It was a movie that’s hilarious (vampire comedy), but they made it into a series. Anyway Episode 9 of the first season is called “The Orgy” and they are “practicing” for it and they do Air Sex and it is freaking hilarious!!

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Hope you enjoyed the stay, @3rdRGR!

Thanks Adrian. I did, but I’m a happily married guy that doesn’t gamble, so I’m a pretty boring guest lol. Stayed out in Henderson so I don’t have to walk 20 miles to get to my hotel room!

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Same here, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had. Glad you had fun! I’ve always said Hendo is the suburbs made for DINKs. Really pretty, but not near enough for me personally.

Lol, yup I’d be bored there. Never had a desire to go. Even when I was young and single…

Used to rip off the casino busses at our local casino. Free bus(4hr stay) after school my senior year, $25 in tokens and stage vehicles and bailed after making $20-90 from tokens… After 4-5 times they caught on that we weren’t getting on the bus to go back… They warned us and we then staged a vehicle and went to a close by friends house for 3 hrs and went back to take the bus or say we got a ride… Soon after the made it a $5 bus ride and we continued to stage a vehicle and show up at the end. Finally, after a little over a year of this(going once ever couple weeks ish) they got rid of the tokens… Oh well, most of us were up at least a grand in that short time…

Funny story, I worked there during the later part of this time and after. One time my car was in the shop and I didn’t have a way to work so I took the $5 early bus, played my tokens, ate a quick bite and clocked in… I was on the clock for work and the bus… Apparently a no-no! Lol, yes I got written up for that one!

Edit: back on topic, when I think of air sex I think of skydiving sex! Lol, but looks like it’s more of a Pablo Francisco bits and pieces type of air sex! Lol