Aj Bouye traded for 4th...good comparison for slay

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Might be mistaken but I seem to remember Jacksonville fans saying how terrible he’s been for the past 2 years.

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No way I trade him for anything less than a 2nd rounder and it better be a high one. If not, just tell him that he’ll have to either give us a reasonable deal (for a guy who doesn’t get picks as the #1 CB) or he’ll have to play out his contract and we’ll deal with it next year. I don’t see Slay as a guy who’s going to sit out the year.


Slay most likely is coming back here in 2020. Both sides get value, the Lions need great CBs and we have his rights.

Sell Slay on the plan to turn the defense around and get him locked down.


That is how I am seeing this as well. I would be pissed if we gave up Slay for a 4th round pick.


I think a 4th and a player is more likely than a 2nd.


I think this is way off on value. Only things in common are they 1) may be traded 2) play same position 3) are same age

Not even close if you put them side by side on field Imo.

If it’s only a 4th rounder in return you are better off letting him leave and getting comp pick

I don’t think it’s a bad thing to just let Slay play out his contract. If he wants to sit the season, fine . . . a 4th or even a 3rd isn’t going to make me trade him while he sits.


Right Dead. I totally agree.

Slay’s options are limited and the Lions want to keep him.

The key is to get buy in from Slay regarding the plan to turn this around.


My plan would be to franchise him for one year. After that his play (likely) starts to decline and we avoided a huge contract for several years.

AJ was the 77th ranked CB out of 113 qualifiers. Wasn’t any better the year before either

Here is a 2018 ranking…Bouye is one above Slay:
" 17. Bouye wasn’t near the level we saw over the last two seasons, but it’s difficult to complain about still being the 17th-best corner in the NFL. Bouye only allowed 417 yards on the season, but his 67.2 percent catch rate allowed was nearly 20 percentage points higher than a season ago."

Neither Slay OR Bouye made that list in 2019. I am skeptical of lists like this but they play a role for sure.

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I don’t think there is any question that Slay is the better corner but I think it is a good thermometer for what the market could be like for Slay. He might get a 3rd round pick and I don’t think a 3rd is worth it. If BQ were able to get a 1st or a 2nd I think you would have to strongly consider it but I think this type of transaction points more in the direction of the Lions trying to work out some sort of deal where they give him 15 a year or so and all the guaranteed money is in first two years…that is something @LineBusy I believe has been advocating. Don’t want to take credit for an idea that isn’t mine.


He has a year left on his contract. If you cut him there is no comp pick. If you force him to play it out you get a disgruntled employee. Who likely holds out and plays the minimum games.

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I think BQ has himself in a bind here. He should have approach him with an extension last season.

I think with Stafford the Lions have a 3 year window max. If I were BQ I’d keep Slay for a 3rd. But if he somehow got a 2nd then I’d trade him and get younger.

I’m not expecting Slay back unless contract negotiations start heating up soon. So far BQ hasn’t made much effort into signing Slay.

I have a feeling I’m going to be disappointed in how this all shakes out.

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Don’t take this the wrong way. I think Slay is the better of the two CB’s but for comparison here are their rankings.

This trade clearly hurts the Slay trade value because the two players grade out similarly.

Since 2016:
Bouye- 5th in COV Grade, 18.2% Forced Incomp. Rate, 70.5 PR Allowed

Slay- 19th in COV Grade, 19.1% Forced Incomp. Rate, 76.5 PR Allowed

Here are their grades from just 2019.
Slay 56.4
Bouye 58.4

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Slay 2017-2019: 13 INTs for 199 yards 1 TD; 2 FRs

Bouye 2017-2019: 8 INTs for 104 yards 0 TDs; 0 FRs

Or, if you prefer a bit more recent, ie 2018-2019:

Slay: 5 INTs 126 yards 1 TD 1 FR

Bouye: 2 INTs 34 yards 0 TDs 0 FR

Slay’s been a better playmaker.