Albums you think don’t have a single bad song on them

I’d nominate Boston’s first album and Don Henley’s End of Innocence.



Appetite for Destruction and any of Metallica’s first 4 albums immediately come to mind


Any one of Bob Segers !

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Abbey Road comes to mind. And the Searching for Sugar Man soundtrack by Rodríguez, if that counts. Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie.

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I’d definitely say Appetite. Steely Dan’s Aja is also pretty much a masterpiece,

How about three albums in a row without a clunker? Let it Bleed, Sticky Fingers, Exile on Main Street.


Nirvana Nevermind


Agreed, though Polly comes close :joy:


Rainbow-Long Live Rock and Roll
Fleetwood Mac-Rumors
Eagles-Hotel California

Rumors is a gem

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Rolling Stones Hot Rocks

Lynard Skynard One More From The Road

AC/DC Back In Black


The Nirvana MTV Unplugged CD is insanely good


This is going to make it seem like I’m 86 years old but…

Swinging Safari by Burt Kaempfert

I don’t like every song on it but Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic is pretty damn fantastic


Dark Side of the Moon
Wish You Were Here
The Wall
Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band Live Bullet
Texas Flood
Van Halen Van Halen


Fearless is my favorite Pink Floyd song but I can’t say that I like every song on that album. Seamus? Once is enough IMO. Maybe live with the dog on stage barking or something.

That’s the thing. A lot of the best albums have that one track that is just pure artistic masturbation. Like the band knows they have something good going on so they’re emboldened to indulge in the creation of “music.”

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Mettalica …Master Of Puppets & Ride the Lightning …

image image

Anthrax …Among the living

Three of the best albums ever…every song is great.


Live Bullet

Yeah, Fearless is great on multiple levels. Seamus and San Tropez provide a weird contrast to the rest of the album. I don’t skip a single song when I cue it up (which is about once a month).

I totally get the allure of listening to the album from start to finish. To be honest i like that Meddle is devoid of some of the melodramatic, ethereal sound that with some Pink Floyd I’ve come to find grating as I’ve aged.

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Listen to Polly again …Great song…It’s dark but a great song .
This was a song about a little girl that was abducted after a rock concert , raped & tortured & had the will and smarts to escape …the song is sung from the perspective of the attacker named Gerald Friend …like going into the mind of a serial rapist

Average White Band -The Essentials

One of my favorites of all time

A lot of my friends sample their music for hip hop

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