Alex Karras HOF bound!

Congratulations to him and long overdue!


it’s unfortunate that it’s after he was only a pawn in game of life.


Good to see. He was certainly on that level as a player.


It’s about time! Congrats to him.

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He should have gotten in decades ago. I’m glad to see they have finally done it, though it would have been better if they had inducted him while he was alive.

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Finally got that candygram.


I just recently watched Paper Lion. After Alan Alda, Karras was the best actor on screen, and that includes Lauren Hutton.

I attended the preseason game in Ann Arbor where the football scenes of that game were filmed. Alan Alda as a QB was as ludicrous, and hilarious, as George Plimpton was.

My knee jerk reaction to Alex Karras is that he’s Webster’s dad. Probably a function of my age.

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My Dad’s favorite player. Always cool when a true Lion gets their gold jacket.

I hope Ted Karras accepts on his behalf of the whole Karras family. Ted Karras sr, Lou Karras, Alex Karras and Ted all play(ed) in the NFL. Sadly, Alex didn’t win an NFL championship. Ted’s grandfather, father and Ted have all been on NFL championship teams.

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The dance off scene with her in “Once Bitten” is cinematic brilliance…

Paper Lion - Karras / Hutton
Blazing Saddles - Karras / Little
Once Bitten - Hutton / Little

Victor Victoria was almost Shakesperean.

Very happy for Mongo, well deserved.

He would have been if it were not for that pesky gambling thing that still has the greatest hitter of all time out of MLBs HOF

Mongo Bet on games, possibly ones he played in, that involved 40 players per side, as a DT.

Pete bet on games he managed.

Don’t get me wrong, Pete deserves to be in the HOF, but these are two different deals.

Well deserved. He was a beast on the field.