Alex Trebek--brutal takedown




Poor nerd…

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I’d imagine he’s got a surplus of gallows humor flowing through him. Always liked that guy. Hoping for a miracle but Pancreatic cancer is a tough one.

Very unCanadian of Alex. We’re supposed to be nice. Like Keanu.

The girl is nice looking. See, this is why I cringe when people self-identify as “nerds”. It’s an ego identification thing. Just be you and people will (probably) like you. When people say “I’m such a nerd” it makes me think, meh.

She’s cute enough, I was immediately turned off when she said “people that identify as nerds”… Why can’t she just say nerds, or intellectuals, or whatever… Why do they have to “identify” themselves into a box in the first place?

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Totally. Just be yourself and eff anyone who doesn’t like it. Way sexier.

Yea, but Nerd Girls are animals in the sack. That nerdy outward persona is just a facade to hide the “Super Freak” that they are in bed.

I can’t even begin to tell you about the Computer Science orgies in college

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Oh, I’m aware of that, band camp anyone? Lol

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Such a hot nerd she was…

Nerds also wear glasses just as a windshield for splooge.

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So true. They are smart you know

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Being a nerd pays my bills, no shame here! Nerdcore might be a little too extreme for me but that shit was funny. :rofl:

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B.S. Computer Science - Central Michigan University

But I was the only Jock, Rock N Roll, Hunter Computer Science Major at CMU