👽 Aliens, the space kind

Who else would start this thread?
Are we alone in the cosmos?
Are we being visited?
Opinions and experiences here.
Yes, I have seen a UFO, verified by Wayne County Sherrifs and the Livonia PD in 79. The Air Force took it seriously enough to scramble fighters at 01:00.
It was unidentifiable from my distance, but, having been in the Air Force, I know what it wasn’t.

An old fisherman?
They are out there, just haven’t crossed paths yet. Silly and naive to think we are alone in the vast universe.
I have never seen any phenomena.

Crop circles is a waste of good corn. Bastards.

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Even the Bible talks about visitations by “angels”, and the description of Elijah being taken up, the very first time I read it I was struck that it was a spaceship.
Angel/ET, whatever. Just because there are ET’s doesn’t mean there isn’t a Creator, which is the big hang-up for many. If you’re more comfortable calling the “extraterrestrials”, “Angels”, it’s fine with me.
I’m beginning to theorize that there could be two races visiting us, one in line with the Creator (Angels), one in line with Satan (Demons).
Is the government in contact?
Why don’t they just tell us?

I do not dismiss the possibility. Too much evidence to ignore. Not enough to be conclusive.

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The government’s just will not confirm it. There is overwhelming evidence, both current, and historical. Every culture and religion has references to sky people, angels…
Way too many have seen them.
Then, look at the technological advances since Cape Gerardo and Roswell.
“I believe”, this is the period referred to as “the one hundred years of the devil” in scripture.

I am always going back and forth between

The Fermi Paradox and the related theories, of which The Great Filter and Distance/accelarating expansion seem to be the best explanations of the FP


The Drake Equation, which really is incredibly arbitrary and can be manipulated to however one wants the outcome


Just too many unexplained and fairly unexplainable incidents…along with some pretty credible military/astronaut advicates/witnesses (not named Bob Lazar)

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OK, so I’ve told of this experience a few times, never been believed. It’s one of those things that you have to experience to believe. I’d be highly skeptical too.

I was walking down a street, late '90s, on a quiet night. Stone cold sober. I “felt” something and looked up. A massive machine was just sitting there silently at about, I dunno, maybe 2,000 feet. A chill ran through me from head to toe. I looked down in fear. When I looked up again two seconds later, it was gone. I ran to see in every direction, through trees, between houses for something, anything. Just gone.

The thing was absolutely huge. Lots of colored lights. So when I see the reports of huge machines in the sky, I pay most attention to those. I don’t know if the thing was left uncloaked for a second, allowing it to be seen and then recloaked, or went into “hyperspace” or could just fly away that quickly. I tend to think of it in that order of probability. I resisted telling anyone at all until at a poker game with friends years later. Was not believed. Well, one guy said he believed me but that it would be some kind of black book technology that very few know exist. That’s another possibility.

What I remember most is the feeling in my body when I saw it. It felt powerful and threatening. Like being a small child with a huge adult hovering over you about to beat you silly (I never had that happen to me as a kid). But that was the feeling. The memory of the reaction of my body is what has kept me convinced it was absolutely real.

A few years later I saw a UFO report from around the same time from a guy who had the exact same experience about 150 miles away.

So when I hear reports of huge airships that can vanish into the thin air, I believe them.

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I believe you. The one I saw, moved like nothing we had. Zero to gone straight up and out of sight in 2, maybe 3 seconds.
I wasn’t close enough to make out more than an orangish glowing orb.
Before it bugged out, I might have been persuaded that it was a hot air balloon? Balloons don’t move that fast.

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A lot of people say, why would aliens have any interest in this backwater of our galaxy? Um, because Earth has to be one of most noteworthy planets to investigate in this part of the galaxy? Maybe they’ve been attracted by our electronic transmissions. I don’t think humans have this kind of technology, but it can’t be ruled out. Seems more likely they are from elsewhere…

Because there is life, and a species that is capable of venturing off the planet. We look at it as a potential security threat that they are visiting.
I have no doubt that they see us as a potential security threat if they allow us to develop to “star travel”.

Possibly, but if my species was capable of interstellar travel, I’d be in line to go and see another living planet if I could. They could be friendlies too, possibly willing to help us not destroy ourselves.

They may not even be biological beings, they could be AI. Robots in space.

The reigning theory is that there are between 2-12 alien species visiting us, and some are hostile and some are helping us develop.

If they were really visiting us, with everyone in the world having a camera, how come there is no real verifiable footage?
I think that military footage is fake and set up to psych out the Chinese and Russians.

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Except Russia has had their own “Roswell”.

Man, I really had to restrain myself in the OP, then you go and do that.

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the universe is just waaaay too massive to believe that we would be the only life, imo. hell the galaxy has so many stars there has to be some sort of life (intelligent or not) elsewhere. I think if we go to mars and find a little fossil, or find something on europa or titan, some kind of plantlife or microbe, then that would put it to rest if more than one planet in our own solar system has life on it the universe must be TEEMING with it.

I haven’t seen an alien UFO, but would love to. I love listening to the tape of that AF pilot from a few years ago, the ‘tic-tac’.

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This was a good mini-series on CBS

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That has already happened. We know there was at least bacterial life on Mars.

do you have a link? I’d be hesitant thinking perhaps we accidentally brought it there.