All the draft rumors have the dolphins passing on TUA you know what that means right?

Dolphins are ALL in on tua. With soooo many people saying they have souces saying that. There sources are saying that to get out FALSE RUMORS

If you do nothing but spread false rumours you tip your hand
Mix in true rumours—- now you’re really screwing with people’s minds
If you’re a GM you don’t give a rats a$$ about rumours
You’re relying on your evaluations to predict what others may do

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If they are truly in on him that much, they may try to trade up to Redskin pick.
Not the popular opinion, but I prefer a trade down scenario to Young. I just feel 2 or 3 dudes would be more impactful.

I’m perfectly happy if we get Young at 3.

That said, I am w/Sleats, in not making any assumptions on what any other team is going to do

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It does not matter what the Dolphins are thinking. After considering Tua’s injury history I am convinced that the Lions will draft him at 3.

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Should be an interesting rest of the week. That’s for sure.

yeah the media and pundits can say “HEY Dolphins are drafting Tua 100% odds no ands ifs, or buts.”

YET…Miami can say “look at these fruitcake mother **kies. thinkin we gonna draft Tua chiiiiit.”
“like that’s the ONLY cat out there !?” “know what…let them fools talk !!” “we know tha real deal.”
piss them off so they actually DRAFT someone/something else…fact is NOBODY knows what team is taking what !! It’s ALL smoke up our asses until Draft Day.

WHAT if they draft Chase Young with their first pick !?

There are rumors come out of Mia that they will
Go OT at 5OA and take a QB later in the draft.

Personally I’m not sure I buy it.

I think Tua is their target.

Chase Young or bust.


Not me, I re-adjust everything I’ve done for months and months every time a new rumor gets passed, just like these GM’s do, because every brother’s cousin heard something from the guy at the next urinal that the pick for name your team is someone. WTF.

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Air—the rest yall, the COULD draft Tua, like “no chit.” However, they can draft anyone or anybody and STILL get Tua ( I think) , everybody KNOWS you take Tua YOU take a CONSIDERABLE health risk.

I can see Tua sliding into the third round IF teams are -that- concerned, about HIM.

NOW, This is altogether DIFFERENT than his skill, talent, ability, what he CAN do with the ball…BUT the Dinosaur in the room is “how long will he last?” “how long will he play for you?”

which is a very sizeable concern. everybody is thinking this and NOT only what kind of ass-kicking QB he ‘will’ be.

Haha, suckers…I’m gonna draft Teez Tabor and you suckers don’t know what you’re missing out on!

(This is Quinn playing poker he’s the dog).

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Yeah exactly
You have to make your own calculations based on what you know
The rumours these guys get exposed to would make your head spin

If Tua’s talent & health risk were weighed against each other I think the scale would tip somewhat higher on the talent end. All indications seem to show a full recovery from his recent injury. Thus the only legitimate remaining issue, I think, would relate to durability. That debate will not be answered prior to draft day or soon after. Miami will have the luxury, if he is their selection, of not rushing him into action with Fitzpatrick playing another season. Bottom line Miami will make Tua their first selection, hopefully, via a trade up with the Lions.

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HI JERSEY been a long ass time man , GOOD to see you again ! hope to hear from you lots.

Stay well. I enjoy your posts.

When it comes to ANY sports draft of any sport. as a rule talent and potential out weighs. Medical unless its clear that he will not recover fully from that injury. As it looks NOW tua or will recover from that injury
Welcome to mia (or the chargers) mr

Disagree, when a player shows a significant history of injuries and surgeries it doesn’t outweigh talent. Tua not only had surgeries on both ankles, sprained knee, he broke his wrist twice, broken finger and broke his hip, in short order.

Now look at the hip injury, he has a screwed in plate, that limits it’s movement, but each screw is a weak point in the hip. From what I’ve read, the stretched ligaments will make it more likely to pop out as well

Tua with that history, being a small QB is a major risk. Players slide if they are a injury risk. We know at least 2 teams have taken him off their board. I think a Tua slide is likely, not out of the first but out of the top 10, maybe even a Aaron Rodgers type slide. I have a hard time believing any GM would take a risk like that in the top 10.

Lions will pick him up in the 3rd round! He’s gonna return punts for us, this year! LOL - just having fun w/you, man.

If NFL has prognosticated it this way, maybe Herbert is in muuuuuch higher demand? Who knows? I just want to trade back.

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That’s my hope. If Herbert is the one in demand our pick is that much more valuable. Ya man, trade back is my hope as well.

Obviously I could be wrong, wouldn’t be the first time lol.i just don’t buy a team investig a top 10 pick on a player with his injury history, , but multi picks along with it. Talk about setting a franchise back.

If you’re right on a being a punt returner in the 3rd, you need to quit your day job,.you got mad skills! LOL

Believe nothing rest of this week until something official leaks