Allll the evidence is coming out

At entry level, sure. Making double what other board members make. Not so much!
It’s not that I think it’s illegal, even.
Y’all talk shit about Trump’s kids. How about Biden, Kerry, Pelosi, and Romney’s kids.
What y’all call dirt, law enforcement types call “evidence”.

Let’s not confuse private enterprise with public servant. You can make your kids as rich as you want when it’s your company. The Vice Presidency belongs to the people, not to Joe F-ing Biden. And he abused that position.


I heard him speak this morning for about 30 minutes. Seemed very legit. I am looking forward to reading his next articles. It sounds like he has spent a lot of time researching the Ukraine.

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He wrote extensively about the Mueller report and Comey. That’s the work of his I read the most about. Source him.

Yes, because I believe you didn’t know what it said without looking it up. You knew the term “commerce clause” and that was the extent of it.

Why would you assume that after all the beatings you took on the other board?

So let me get this right. We can believe Ukraine when they say that Biden did nothing wrong, but when they say the same about Trump, we don’t believe it? That sounds like lefty politics alrighty.

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After we close on that swamp land how about three magic beans?

How about we just turn the country over to organized crime?

It seems that we did.

Shhhhhh… We can’t talk about that stuff anymore bc people don’t like open discussion about disagreeable matters.


Just because a Chicago “Politician” runs one side and a NYC “businessman” runs the other?


It’s against the authoritarian rules

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