Amani Oruwariye to safety?

His int yesterday showed just how physical he is. He got some serious air and pulled the ball down with authority. Watching that you wonder how this can be the same guy who gave up 18 receptions on 22 targets but also had 2 int’s on the season. At 6’ 1 1/2" and 205, I wonder if it might make sense to move him to safety. He’s taller and faster than Walker and Wilson and just a hair slower than Harris. I have to believe that he would be an upgrade over Killer and Moore.

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Well, he can’t be much worse as a safety than a CB.

He will stay at CB he just needs some more experience and coaching.I think he showed flashes of what he could be think about how Slay looked as a rookie!!


I think Amani has showed well for a fifth round rookie

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Yeah, when he got on the field teams did their best to isolate him with a #1 or #2 and he wasn’t up to it. He was set up to fail the minute they snapped the ball. I still think there’s something there if he gets in the right position and scheme.

He wasn’t any worse than Slay as a rookie.

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So you’re agreeing that he played terrible this season.

CB’s take 3 years to develop. Take Slay, for instance.

I was very disappointed in him early on. Corner is TOUGH for rooks. Easily one of the most difficult positions to hold down, especially on a team that plays a lot of man-to-man coverage.

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Not 3 years, but they do take awhile. That’s exactly one of the reasons why it’s such a terrible idea to draft a CB.

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Definitely not in the first round.

Slay played in 13 games his rookie year and got benched twice, maybe more. The 4th pick of the 2nd round is expected to play at a higher level than what he was playing, he didn’t. But he also didn’t give up an 81% completion rate or he wouldn’t have played at all. Amani has gotten killed in man coverage, if they can coach him up great but I think going against slot receivers, tight ends and running backs might be more in his zone.

Here is a pretty reasonable review of Slay’s rookie season:
" CB Darius Slay (Round 2, 36th overall): -7.0

Slay’s playing time on defense was pretty sporadic during his rookie season, mainly because he was so inconsistent. In his first career game, he registered a -4.4 grade on PFF, and he actually had a total grade of -10.4 at one point. He put together his best game ever on Thanksgiving, but a knee injury kept him out for most of the rest of the season. Hopefully his play on Turkey Day will end up being a sign of things to come considering his overall rating on PFF put him 92nd at cornerback."

Player ranking of 92nd? Seems about right to me. This board was freaking out regarding Slay. Yes, he was that bad. Play 1 in Slay’s rookie season was V, the Vikes and he filled the wrong hole and Adrian Peterson took it to the house on that play.

Amani had a positive season for a rookie. One of the biggest differences between Slay and Amani is that Slay got tons of eerly reps because we needed him. Amani not so much.

I am excited to see this kid in year two in a big way.


what was his 40 time?

4.47 at the combine.

Slay was in game 1, Amani didn’t play until week 13 I believe, plenty of time to get up to the speed of the game AND his assignments. How can you possibly try and compare those 2 players in any meaningful way?

Amani had an interception in Week 12 but didn’t play until Week 13?

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Eh, he played in the last 8 games, weeks 10-17. And he played 9/29 and had no stats. He had no stats vs the Bears in week 10, no stats 9/29 and no stats vs Denver. I don’t believe that he has started in any game, I just don’t get how anyone can try and compare his play to what Slay did and expect to be taken seriously.

BQ prefers bigger DBs. There’s a lot of length in the back end.

AO’s ball skills on his two picks were top notch. He at times allowed unreal amounts of separation. Is that a byproduct of his head swimming or Bc his hips are too tight? I think it’s the former but acknowledge that the latter is probably why he was available in the 5th in the first place.