Amani Oruwariye to safety?

I would keep him where he is…corner. I like his potential.


He started 2 games and Slay started 4.

Slay only played 13 games his rookie year and started 4.

Slay played 33% of defensive snaps his rookie year

Slay had 6 games his rookie year where he played over 50% of the defensive snaps and Amani had 4.

Slay played more but acting like he started all his games his rookie year and they aren’t comparable at all is disingenuous.

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I agree. He played well at Penn State as a CB so before we give up on him at CB in a move to safety let’s see what happens next fall.


If the Lions ever get a decent pass rush then the secondary guys suddenly will look a lot better. And rookie CBs pretty much always have a lot to learn and need time to develop.

The point in talking about Slay is to simply note that CBs are just hard to evaluate in year one period.

CB is one of the toughest positions in the league and guys need time to adjust.

IMO both of his picks are plays that not all guys can make. There is some potential there. Can he become assistant enough. Military brat if I recall so he should be coachable

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Amani already has as many picks as Byron Jones has in his career

That’s crazy. Gonna be crazier when he gets 17m per year.

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I had no idea either. I live in Dallas and they mentioned it on the radio.

Dude hasn’t had an interception in 2 years and Sunday is the 1st game he’s missed in his career.

I don’t even know how that’s possible

You know what’s even crazier? He played against Jameis in that two year stretch and still doesn’t have an interception

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I watched all I could find on Youtube from his Penn State days, and a couple of things really stood out. He gets in the backfield a lot, busting jet sweeps and outside runs. He is a very solid tackler, even in and most importantly in space. If they keep him at CB I don’t think it’s the end of the world and he may very well be the player that people hope he is. He is very physical and not just at the college level. We give up so much underneath it would be great to have a guy who could blow that up and right now I don’t think we have that guy on the team unless it is Amani. BTW, anyone who wants a good laugh watch all you can on Youtube and listen to the announcers trying to pronounce his name.


I never acted like Slay played all 16 games, I said he started right away and was benched a couple of times. , I acted like he was expected to do more because of where he was taken. But acting like it’s not a problem to struggle because Slay did too is really stretching it, or as you say a “disingenuous” position. They AREN’T comparable at all because of where they were drafted. And anyone who gives up over 80% completion would be gone 9 times out of 10, except that Amani had 2 int’s and also a couple of passes defended and for someone taken that late in the draft it isn’t the end of the world but it still makes him suspect if he doesn’t up his coverage skills big time. He had the luxury of NOT starting for about half the season and letting the game come to him and he still struggled. Slay was a slow study, but had you given him the same set of circumstances IMO there’s no way that he would have struggled like Amani.

In 2011 we moved Amari Spievey to safety. The difference is that Amari was smaller and slower, 5’11" 195 and ran a 4.52. He was described as durable, high pointed the ball, good combination of size and skills. Downside was his physicality in run support and competing with physical receivers when the ball is in the air. Amani is money in run support and we just saw how physical he can be when the ball is in the air. I’m generally not in favor of moving players around, I hated when we moved Ragnow to OG. But we have a guy with some serious skills, I just want to see if we can’t maximize them.

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So what you are saying is, he’s on track to someday be Nevin Lawson.


I wouldn’t wish that on anybody! LOL. Dude is awful.