Amani Oruwariye

I didnt see him on the injury report. Does this mean we might see him play, see what he has?

He played against Chicago last Sunday, all on ST. His problem is the numbers game, if Walker returns to the lineup then that’s one less inactive person and somebody has to sit. Plus, they might activate Bryant, it’s about that time for him. AND, the other DBs out there are pretty good on ST so it’s hard to say who will be active and who won’t.

That said, I do want to see him out there, even if it’s not for long.

Dammit i didnt even notice.

I would like to see more of what he can do as well.

I like him. I’m sure he will have his ups and downs when he plays this year. But it would help a ton for his development in year 2 if he can get involved in the last few games.

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At this point they need to be putting the developmental guys out there and getting them some work.


It would be valuable playing time.

I saw him on at least one defensive snap, but all I noticed was his name tape as he was chasing a play.

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Oruwariye played 9 snaps on defense, couldn’t tell you if he did good or not though when he was in there. That’s more than Mike Ford did, or any of the other backup CBs. IMHO, most young CBs have to take their lumps out there under fire, and there’s no better time for him to do that than right now.


Exactly. Let him rotate in heavily. Him and ford.

*Before Sunday, the fourth corner to see game action had been Mike Ford. *

Yet, Oruwariye logged the fourth-most snaps at corner vs. Dallas, behind Darius Slay, Rashaan Melvin and Justin Coleman. Not that nine snaps is a huge sample size, but it is still a step in the right direction and a small vote of confidence in the developing Penn State product.

Let’s break down Oruwariye’s play on the field.

*First off, he lined up on two occasions in the slot and the rest of the time as a wide corner. Looking at the stat line, the rookie corner only logged one tackle after cleaning up for Coleman. Coleman had slipped and fallen while covering Cowboys wide receiver Randall Cobb. *

Not necessarily a bad thing for a corner to not show up much on the stat sheet when the defense he plays for allows 444 passing yards, as the Lions did Sunday vs. Dak Prescott. Oruwariye was targeted just once, but on that throw, Mike Daniels disrupted Prescott. In all likelihood, Oruwariye was in a good position to make a pass breakup on the crossing route – or at the very least, to bring Dallas receiver Michael Gallup down before the first-down line.

On a few other plays, the ball didn’t go his way. He was, though, in tight man-to-man coverage on a couple of go-routes and posts. His solid coverage earned him the highest Pro Football Focus coverage grade of all the Lions defensive backs. Given how poorly the secondary played overall, the highest grade isn’t exactly saying much.

The article goes on to say: It’s at the point of the season where it’s time to see what the Lions have for the future. With Melvin on a one-year deal, Oruwariye is a potential replacement for him next season.

No argument here, but I’m not ready to say that Amani is going to be our next pro-bowl CB either. It’s only his 1st year, he’s gonna have some ups and downs. A guy can hope though. I wouldn’t pass up on a good CB prospect, should one be on the board when the Lion’s turn to draft comes up. TBH, I can’t say as I’ve been too impressed with Mike Ford, Dee Virgin, or Jamal Agnew out there on D. Still, a much-improved pass rush could make those guys look a lot better of they don’t have to cover somebody for 10 freakin’ seconds. (Exaggerating, but you get my point.)

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Thank you!

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Mike Ford had 73% of the snap count when Slays was out against the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes didn’t have TD pass for the first time. 41% against the Eagles when Slay pulled his hammy. He did pretty good those games.

I’ve been fairly happy with the DB group. The front 7 and pass rush needs the most work.

If we can get the pass rush going this defense would be huge.