Amari Cooper resigns with Dallas

Big money

Jerry gets it done… no surprise. When you manage the cap as well as Jerry it makes signings like this easy.

Sure did mange it right Did they just lose best CB FA Way to go Jerry Oh an he had to tag his QB way to go Jerry





An inside look at the negotiations between Jerry Jones and Amari Cooper.

Way to go Jerry is right!!

I’m certain if this was Detroit, you would have tore it apart. Bye Felicia

Lol sure thing. I only tear apart signings like a backup tackle at $10 mill a year. Or Mike Daniels. Or 2nd round picks like Tavai. So bad moves. Signing Amari Cooper is never a bad idea. He is a top 10 WR. The only top 10 player the Lions have at their position is Slay who Lions are probably going to trade. Go Lions.

Jerry choosing to sign his stud WR over a corner. He understands that CBs are not that valuable in a league designed for offense. Kellen Moore’s offense will be a historically great offense this year. Jerry making the right moves like usual.

Let’s see - both Detroit and Dallas did not win the SB, conference championship game, or make the divisional game or a wildcard game.

Dallas has been booted out of the playoff in their first game each on the last seven times they made.

Neither teams won the SB in the last 19 yes and yet JJ is better? Same results the same, the same the same

I just hope Golladay doesn’t have the same agent. You know Kenny smiled at that deal.

That’s a lot of money for a WR. I wouldn’t pay Golladay any where near that amount.

Lol. Managed it so well, they managed to beat a total of zero teams with a pulse last year. Giving everyone raises who can’t win games is a recipe for disaster. A.K.A. the Dallas post salary cap era - disaster

The league emphasizes passing offense, so you need WRs and not the guys who cover them week in and week out, on the road and at home. Everyone knows that.

Another great signing

Sure. Maybe they will even beat 1 team with a winning record. Wouldn’t that be something…