The guys seems like he’s been wide open all year long. It was a nice pick up by Quinn.
He is 4th among WRs in average separation at 3.7 yards.
Just wanted to give him a shout out.


Yep, pleasantly surprised. I thought He was going to be another washed up ex patriot


If he stays healthy he’s pretty good.

That’s what good route running does for you. I like our WR’s but Jones and Golladay aren’t the greatest route runners.

Yeah, I’ve really been impressed with Danny’s quickness yet.

But in saying this, he’s only on pace for 53 receptions…and I think the slot guy should be getting 70+ receptions easily, especially with the lack of production at TE.

His issue has always been durability.

So you want a $9M receiver instead of Amendola?

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No, I’d rather have the cheaper player that is less effective, moves the chains less, and scores fewer TD’s.
Oh and don’t forget more injury prone, we like us some injury prone players!

He gets a lot of crossers, which ups his separation stats…easier to get separation that way then on vertical routes. Carlos he is open he’s been doing a great job and he’s been an ice pick up. This hopefully will get people to jump those routes a little bit more and get hockenson opened up the middle

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So you want a guy that makes $9M or more in that spot, is what you are saying.

What does it matter? You’re the genius that said the salary cap is imaginary and you can sign anyone in the league and just “move money around”. So, why not get the best player at every position? Lol. Some day you should look up the cap and how it works.

Speaking of, the Lions have a lot of cap space. Would have been nice to use it on football players for this team instead of Martha just holding on to it because she’s cheap like her husband was.

I’m the genius that knows when I’m asking for a $9M+ receiver. I’m not the one bitching that a $4M receiver doesn’t magically have all of the traits and production of a $9M+ receiver.

You wanted a $7M backup safety, I didn’t.

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You wanted a 17 million dollar construction barrel to play the edge. I didn’t.

Nope - I never said that. But you did want a $7M backup safety.

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Wrong. Bob Quinn did. That’s why he recently gave him that contract. Because he’s a damn fool.

You wanted a 17 million dollar role player who produces less than Ziggy Ansah’s corpse

So you should be able to quickly pull up where I said I wanted Flowers for $90M. I will wait.

However, what’s easier to find is where you want a $7M backup safety.

Lol, good thing for you that old site is toast. This site, however, isn’t and you will never find me saying anything remotely like I wanted to pay $7 million for a back up safety. Not once. Ever. Stop lying.

And I quote:

“That’s the thing. Money really shouldn’t be a factor, which is really mind boggling why Quinn traded Diggs. We’re sitting here at 2-3-1 with the season on the brink of collapse and Quinn and Martha are sitting there trading people to save a few extra bucks.”

So you wanted a $7M backup safety. /the end

So, you can’t read or comprehend. I get it, words are hard.

We aren’t saving 7 million by trading him. So, anything else you write is just nonsense. Again, you made it up. I still never said (even in the quote) that I wanted to pay him $7 million. Nor that he is a back up, because he wasn’t. He was injured. I guess Mahomes and Brees are back ups now too eh?

Stop being a child with this. We traded Diggs for nothing. That was my issue. We didn’t save 7 million, that’s a lie on your part. Flowers gets paid more than twice that amount and has been much worse than Diggs. That makes you a hypocrite.

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His receptions pace is dictated by targets and snaps, he’s been good when on the field and his pace for the 53 receptions is as well considering he’s seen on avg half the snaps Marvin and Kenny have .
Like you said the TE production is lacking but the snaps for the TE’s is not …Ironically having the TE’s and the depth now has bit into the 3 WR sets in getting the TE’s on the field, but the reward for doing so has not warranted the 12 personnel going forward , not yet anyway .