This is spot on and we really should be living in the 11 personnel in order to take advantage and set up a defense with PA and Hock hitting a seam . Amendola being fed often and early on crosser’s would open it up if we can see man coverage and less zone. I also think with KJ being out now, TY will run better from 11 personnel and benefit from spreading the defense out . The FB in has not resulted in our run game being improved so it’s back to 11 and I’m fine with that and TY in as a single back

Would the two of you please stop hijacking a thread about a good WR for your disagreement about the Safety and DE.

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He started it. Lol

Amendola has been better than I expected. Sure, he doesn’t have as many receptions as he has in the past, but that’s a result of many things, including us going more vertical with our passing game. I was not a fan of using our slot WR for a ton of behind the LOS plays. We are getting the ball to our bigger downfield threats and Amendola has been pretty damn solid in his role.

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Did Mahomes and Brees get traded for a 5th rounder? You wanted a $7M backup safety because “money doesn’t matter.” Well, until it does. You pick your arguments in weird ways, very emotionally driven.

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There’s that last word.

You know Wes, I left the other board because of how petty Vince was. You are in the same ball park here. You have to have the last word and you completely leave anything that resembles intellectual honesty. You absolutely know that Diggs wasn’t a backup but you have to throw that in just to piss off Phan and to prove how right you are, it’s a pattern that you use over and over. Being an administrator is bull shit, either step down or man up.

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I have a feeling he is going to have a really nice game against the Giants. I really hope he outplays Tate, who comes across as whiny and petty and needs to take some shots at the Lions through the media. The Lions did him a favor last year trading him to the Eagles and a legit chance to make a run for the Super Bowl.
And Amendola doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that needs to run to the media and whine and complain.

To Wes’s defense, Diggs was probably going to become a backup if his play didn’t improve.

Also, sometimes it takes a few posts back and forth to cut through the BS. This isn’t anything like what would go on at the other board.

I just don’t know where this 7 million comes from? I’m only seeing 5-5.5 million a year.

2018 Contract details by year 25 $1,000,000 $1,153,838 - - $2,153,838 $7,528,838 $5,500,000($5,500,000)
2019 Contract details by year 26 $1,562,941 - $62,500 - $1,625,441 $1,562,941 $1,625,441($7,125,441)
2020 Contract details by year 27 $5,000,000 - $100,000 $100,000 $5,200,000 - $5,200,000($12,325,441)
2021 Contract details by year 28 $5,350,000 - $100,000 $100,000 $5,550,000 - $5,550,000($17,875,441)

It’s only showing $5.5M because the Seahawks get a free ride on the signing bonus. His total cap hits for us was around $7M per season. Around $6.9M for 2020 and $7.3M for 2021. Hence why I keep calling him a $7M player.

But the signing bonus was already paid, correct?

NFL contracts that include a signing bonus , which can be prorated on the salary cap for the life of the deal (up to five years). In other words, a $6 million signing bonus on a three-year deal counts $2 million in each year, in addition to the player’s base salary and any other bonuses so in other words the signing bonus portion of the contract is divided equally among the years of the contract for salary cap purposes up to a maximum of five years. There for the signing bonus of Diggs contract extension will still show up against the Lions salary cap for the remainder of the years of that contract as dead money.

Which means it’s was already paid. Prorated for salary cap purposes only.

That’s correct which is exactly what I said. But for salary cap purposes the Lions would be looking at a 7 million dollar cap hit whereas the Seahawks would only have a five and a half million dollar cap hit on the same contract.

And of course all of this is irrelevant to this year anyway.

As are virtually all thoughts by fans on message boards. Myself included LOL however had Diggs remained with Detroit below are what his salary cap numbers would have been. “… In September 2018, Diggs signed a three-year, $18.6 million contract extension with the Lions. He has a cap hit of $6,991,666 for 2020 and $7,341,668 for 2021…” the signing bonus was 4.5 million dollars which is accounted for for salary cap purposes as 1.5 million dollars against the cap for each of those three years.

Timing is relevant to money because we save an extra $1.6M by making the move now vs the offseason. If we cut him we get nothing in return. And if we bench him or he keeps playing poorly, we probably get nothing as well.

This move saves money overall and gets a nominal pick thrown in for a player the staff had decided to move on from. Cut or trade are your only options at that point, unless you want to eat his salary as a backup or force him into the starting lineup based on his salary and not his performance.

Ok, thanks for clearing that up for me CDK and Sir.

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I see it more as tough love. Returning a bit of what’s being dished out.

Nice game by Amendola.
8 rec, 95 yards.

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You and a whole lot of others

He has been solid

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