An overstuffed sofa and the village idiot walk into a bar

I am still bewildered why Lions fans would have any faith in the two bums the Fords have running this team. Fat Matt and Bob the Boob have run a playoff team into the ground faster than a rabbit gets %&@#!!! The new crop of FAs appears unimpressive but we will trade down and get an unimpressive first-round pick to match the unimpressive FAs. Lion logic…what a bunch of beauties!


I am bewildered by the fact that:

-Two men, whom you have never met, who’s current job is to find and teach the most athletically tuned humans in the world, and gather them towards a common goal of carrying a piece of leather across a painted line on a field,

…can make you so angry. You don’t know them. They don’t affect your life in any meaningful way. It is a game that you choose to watch. Ehhh…but what do I know?


Nice first post, coming in with guns ablazing.

I have hope, no so much faith, but definitely hope.

That hope will have me tuning in, in September, and rooting for wins just like every other season, and under whatever coaching staff is on the sideline.

Nothing, not even a barrage of posters on a message board will sway the inevitable.

I will be there watching, rooting, and hoping…and I suspect you will be too.


It’s funny how your so forgiving of two grossly over paid failures. If your performance at your job were as underwhelming, how long do you think you would be cashing a check??? Not long!!! These two geniuses took a playoff team and destroyed it, in record time. I am not angry, I am bewildered how you can ignore or defend this level of incompetence. These two are riding the short bus of executive level sports management and taking the Lions over a cliff.

The only place Matt appears to be overachieving is at the buffet table at Golden Coral.


Another thread bashing the regime…

How original and well thought out!


Wow! Can only imagine what you thought of Millen.

Lol, someone came in here with an agenda.


Other ID’s must be on too many ignores.


! Like this spunky new poster. They truly are an embarrassment.

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(No offense to anyone with small heads or baby voices.)

Video just feels right in this thread for some reason…



That’s some funny shit, right there.

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Yea love this. Most funny was Stephen A. Great stuff right there!

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Just doesn’t seem like a very good way to introduce yourself to a message board.

It’s like slamming the door open to a room where folks are having a conversation, throwing chairs to the side, and yelling at everyone how much the Lions are gonna suck. Folks are probably gonna look at you kind of cross-eyed, like who the hell is this dude.

Heck, for all we know, it’s a Bears fan coming in here trying to talk shiza.


Welcome. Don’t mind the soap boxers. You don’t need to be hazed or go thru an initiation process by the almighty board messagers who have spent way too many years here. Your first post was on point.

Op isn’t wrong at all. I haven’t been a fan of BQ since day one. I’m hoping to be wrong and we have 500 or better team next year, but as we are maybe 5-11. I gave the free agent class a C.

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Same. Might get a touch better record wise, by default, but that doesn’t mean the roster is in better long term shape. We seem weaker and thinner at more positions than we were last year at this time.

Having a healthy Stafford helps too.

Ignore list after only 5 hours. I’ve had it with the bile and bombast crowd. You can be critical without being an asshat.


Or anywhere else…AWESOME!

I don’t want to contemplate how much of my life I have wasted listening to Stephen A. Smith, back when I used to watch sports “news” programs.

He operates from a philosophy of “Him who talks the loudest matters most/is most correct”.

I am not sure I’ve ever seen him operate in authentic energy. One of the least secure, significance driven sports reporters you’ll ever see.

We have some guys in here that come from the screaming crybaby standpoint that could fill in for him when he’s on vacation (as evidenced by this conversation).