And he would've gotten away with it


… if it weren’t for those meddling kids!


Terbul … :wink:


It really is. But somehow still funny. Too much Hannah-Barbera as a kid, I reckon.


This. This is brilliant.


That’s hilarious lol . But maybe I just don’t know but why is everyone on levy?? I’ve read a lot threads that he basically stole the lions money. Just trying to understand because I thought he was simply too injured to play. But props Adrian that post was funny


LMAO! Love it!! Too bad Fred wasn’t Quinn and figured it out before he tagged him.


Speaking solely for myself, his last “injury” was self inflicted because he’s an off-season thrill seaker.


Ha, thanks for sharing Adrian!


Ok that makes sense. Thank you


That’s awesome!


Funny! Go Lions Go!