And, so the bs cover-up begins

Fucking blatant. He watched the play to its conclusion then pulled the flag when that cock eater Rodgers was sacked…


110% correct. The flag doesn’t come out until Rogers is on the ground. I can understand a little if it came out during the play…but to throw it when Rogers hits the ground…it doesn’t get any more blatant.


There was money on this game and this referee is in on it. There is no question.


That’s the other shoe. There is money on every game, as well as season. It’s time to have a real investigation, and follow that money!

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Just checking, this one is legal hands to face cuz ball is there at the same time and it can only exist among lineman?

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Who cares? Best Minnesota! We have a really good team. We can do this. We have a bunch of pros in our locker room. Beat Minny, get to 5-2-1 at the midpoint and figure it out from there. Crappy loss. Got hosed but if we’re a really good team we should be able to overcome this


Being at the game, I don’t remember this being called but may have missed it… Was it called?

Overcome it? You mean until the next time the officials feel like changing the game and we lose again…

If history has shown anything, we will NEVER be able to overcome the ridiculous officiating we saw last night.

If every time a GB defensive linemen touched our OL’s shoulder pads a flag was thrown, do you think it would have been a different outcome?

Oh hell yea…personal foul on Walker for going after the ball while the WR dives into his head going after the ball

In Detroit, we call that bullshit call #2. 3 & 4 come later.

You mean WR?

Both appeared to be trying to catch the ball and incidentally make h2h contact… No call as both have equal right to the ball

I wouldn’t be so much bull shit if they called the game the same on every play. There is helmet to helmet contact all the time that doesn’t get called. So why does it seem to always be game changing plays that it is called on.

It almost seems like the ref’s have a bag of tricks they can pull the flag out of at the time it is most convenient.

The officiating is going to kill what little fun this league is anymore.

Reminds me of this line from caddyshack (edited for this instance)

I’m going to put it right on the line. There’s been a lot of complaints already. Fooling around on the field, bad language, smoking grass, poor officiating. If you guys want to get fired. If you want to be replaced by robots and cameras, just keep it up.


This is another one where the referee waited to throw this flag. I thought we were good and they panned back and there was the flag. The announcers were correct. If only that shitbag Chris Collingsworth was calling this game we could have listened to him fellate Rodgers and we would never have known how badly the Lions were being hosed with the possible exception being we were all fucking blind.

Who cares? Every legit fan cares, bro. WTF are you even talking about? You only play 16 games. When you get screwed in 1 or more of them, you are playing against a stacked deck. Now, it’s even worse, when you win a division road game against THE team you will likely be trying to beat out for the division crown and it’s taken away from you. They legit handed GB the division last night and you’re all “who cares”. Are you a cheesehead by chance?

Beating Minny doesn’t fix this. It will only piss real fans off more when we get to the end of the season and come up short.

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I’m talking about winning, man. Bitch and moan if you want. Not going to change a thing. We’re good. Let’s see what happens.

We had the better team last night! If we’re “not supposed to win”, the refs will let the Viking play 13 men on defense, will allow pass interference against us, will allow facemasking against us and call it against our player who is being facemasked.
Two flagrant bad calls. Two flagrant non-calls and 90% of NFL games can be tipped to the team of the refs choosing. The refs errased a two score lead in 7 minutes!

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I don’t understand what you want. Sh!t happens.

I can tell you what I want. Beat Minnesota and get to 5-2-1. From there 10-5-1 is very manageable. I think that we can win the NFC N given the parody in the division

Syd I said YEARS ago that they SHOULD have laser or electronic endzones that call the TD’s and no-TD’s , simply put a receptor in the football and the endzone can call TD’s NOT the damn refs.

remember a few seasons back when the League was shuffling officials because they were so bad back then…? I wouldn’t mind robotic officials that nobody can tamper with…as far as favoritism or throwing games. they should be created so no humans CAN ever tamper with it.

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