And the opinion de jour--LT a possibility?

With Quinn, of course it is.

Only if e don’t draft the broken guy?

I don’t think its out of the question at all. I could see it. You don’t know what’s going to happen with Decker. You don’t know how the new guy is going to turn out, and quite honesty what were on the hook for with his contract is not nearly what it seems.

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Honestly Wirfs, Willis, OT maybe Thomas can also play Guard. Start them year one at Guard (or RT with Big V sliding into G if you prefer) and then have options to keep the same lineup or insurance if Decker isn’t re-signed.

I’d don’t love that but it definitely would solidify the Oline for the next several years which is something that Quinn has attempted to do for awhile. If the idea is that our best chance for success is by developing a run game and keeping Stafford protected, this would solve it.


I’d do it. Especially if they have misgivings about Decker being long term answer at LT. Play the pick at RT for a year, then move them to LT. Use Vaitai at ROG for a year before moving him to RT next season.

Zero qualms about investing in OL and keeping Matt upright and healthy.

I would be fine with Wirfs,Wills or Thomas at 3.

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If Chase isn’t there and no trade down I’ll bet money we take a tackle.

I’d actually prefer the draft’s best OT to the draft’s best CB.

I’d be ok with it if the Lions took an OT at #3, or slightly later if the are able to trade down.

LT: Decker
LG: Dahl
C: Ragnow
RG: Big V
RT: Willis Jr. or Wirfs

Then again, the secondary outlook is a lot better with Okudah penciled in there as well.

Quinn is in a tough spot this year. Shouldn’t be this hard at #3, but here we are.

100% agree