Andre Drummond Traded

For Peanuts… 2 players averaging 15 minutes and 5 PPG and a 2nd rounder 3 years from now.

This makes me so glad that I stopped watching basketball. Every time I see a news story about the Pistons, I know it would ruin my day if I still cared about the team.

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Horrible. Tom Gores needs to Epstein himself.

Also, Andre was a whiny bitch on the way out of town.

Gores held Drummond 2-3 years too long and Stan Van Gundy destroyed this team inside and out as the GM and cOach more concerned with SWJ virtue signalling than pulling his head out of his ass in both roles.

Absolute dumpster fire between those two and we still have 2 super max years of Blake’s destroyed knees to enjoy.

Happy Days!

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Thank God. He was the softest big man in history.

Trade made zero sense. Why not keep him? His money is coming off after the year. Detroit sports is a joke. I still recall April in the D.

A bag of rock salt was enough for me to oust him.

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The reason is because he has an option that he can engage for 28 million more for next year. At one point, it looked like he would for certain not enact the option and get a Max contract, but now maybe not. So if they don’t trade him, they could possibly be stuck with him next year. And that’s why they traded him for a greasy pork sandwich served in a Dirty Ashtray.

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I don’t think most people on a football message board understand how the NBA works.

Good trade. Wished they would have done it a couple weeks ago, might have gotten a little more. Too bad Rose couldn’t be traded, but it is what it is.

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What I understand is that the Pistons have a proud history of mismanaging contracts to a damn near comical level. They traded Billups in his prime for Iverson’s corpse/expiring contract. They used the money they saved to bring in Ben Gordon and Mr. Clean, both of whom were completely worthless. Their first round picks are lucky if they last more than 3 years on the roster. They gave up Tobias Harris for a guy who has an even bigger contract and knees made of talc. I can’t even remember the name of that bum from Boston that they sent Marcus Morris away for. Now they’ve sent away the only good player with functioning knees that they had for expiring contracts, one of them being their own former 1st round bust.

Let’s give the Pistons the benefit of the doubt. Drummond was either going to walk, or they would have been forced to pay him more than he is worth. They salvaged the situation with some expiring contracts an a 2nd round pick. Should we have any confidence that they won’t turn the cap space and draft pick into a pile of rat turds?


It’s all they could do. The Pistons are looking to have the 2nd most cap spaces this summer. Do I want them to spend it? NOPE. Not till Blake and his ridiculous contract comes off the books. Next year should be a race to the bottom, high draft pick (maybe #1), then Blake comes off, THEN spend in the summer of 2021. Honestly, the Pistons could go from worst to first in the east in a matter of 3 years if they do things correctly. BUT, and big but (butt), Gores needs to keep his slimy hands off of it and embrace the suck for 1 1/2 more years.

All this, and maybe, just maybe, hire a GM. It’s worked for other clubs.

Blake Griffen killed this team. What a shit trade it was.


We need the right owner, like Davidson and a coach like Chuck Daly. Things will not change until then.

Cmon bro! 135 million paid for two home playoff losses and a bump from 5000 hime attendance t0 6000!

totally agree…he was brought in to sell tickets and jerseys, but hurt the team with his contract…Stan was a moron.

Believe the Pistons are the more worse off team in this city. That’s saying something.

Yeah, I have to agree because the league is more strongly affected by Superstars than any other. They don’t have any and they don’t have a way to get any anytime soon. Kind of reminds me of this awesome Bruce Campbell commercial