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I’ve had the Galaxy+ for years now, but the S8+ I have now is garbage IMO. I’m due for an upgrade, so I’m considering a few other Droid phones.

I like that the Google Pixel isn’t a bazillion dollars, and has a solid camera (very important to me) but does anyone have any thoughts or insight on any of their own phones?

I have the Note 9 and love it. I bought my chick an S9+ and wish I would have gone ahead and gotten her the Pixel (for the camera). There is also some kind of noise cancelling something or other on her phone that makes it tough to hear her the second she gets even a few inches away from the mic. It’s like it suddenly considers her voice background noise and actively cancels it out.

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Hello Moto!
I love my Force!

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I’ve got the note 8, it’s the best phone I’ve ever owned. I opted for the LG knockoffs for years and they always crashed after about 6 months… This note is going on 3 years and I won’t even consider upgrading until this one takes a dump.

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The S8 was the biggest pile of shit I ever owned. I love the Galaxy line, but I will go back to the Note or a Pixel.

Wait til mid next year if u can do you get a true 5g enabled phone. I have a HTC as a stopgap and it has been very very solid.

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Thanks for the advice bro. I could swear my Note 9 is a better phone so far than her S9+ (we bought them at the same time), but you just confirmed what I thought I was witnessing.

It’s interesting the difference between the 2 phones. At the time of purchase, I just assumed I had a pen and a larger battery, and that would be it.

My S8+ has literally shattered its screen while sitting on my jeans pocket, and I don’t wear the ridiculous skinny jeans either. The repair has already cracked again in the corners and back – it just sucks. The all glass design is brutal.

Good thinking on the 5G point, @Weaselpuppy. Then again, I’m pretty happy with what I’ve got – them again I’m in a pretty good area of the city – other areas in town are pretty spotty at best, but I guess I don’t go often enough to care a whole whole lot.

Maybe 5G will be different, but I remember spending a bunch of extra money to get a 4K television and regretted it. I don’t know, it seems like by the time 5G is “a thing” it will be far enough in the future that you will be looking for a new phone again anyways.

5G will absolutely worth it. It is a seminal change in how were will use Telecom and tech in general. 4k was horseshit marketing.

5G could be worth it SOME DAY. But 4G isn’t bad and how long is it going to be before you can really use 5G on a wide scale? That was my point. I get the idea of “future proofing” your phone, but if you are the kind of person that switches out every few years and a 5G phone comes with a premium price tag…I’d skip it for this purchase and just grab one with the next purchase…when 5G is widely available and the cost of the 5G phones goes down.

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I’m going google-free in my home and business, so no more Android after this batch of phones.

Apple is the lesser of two evils by a pretty good chunk. I was really hoping Ubuntu or Firefox would catch on, but they haven’t, so it’s iphones from now on.

Billions in FINES these guys are paying as Alphabet rolls toward becoming a trillion-dollar company, with its greatest assets being our behavioral data and constant exposure to their network.

5G will kill us all…watch the cancer spike over the next 20 years, you’ll know what’s to blame.

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Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Or it will be a means to control us. The military has been using 5G technology as crowd control. Theoretically speaking, they could go all “Kingsman : The Secret Service” on us and turn up the intensity of the millimeter waves and cause an insufferable burning of your skin.

It’s insane the amount of integration that has occured in the last 30 years.
Not sure exactly when the 100 years of the devil began, but, I’m pretty sure we’re in it.

they have had that tech for some time, at least 10 years

Fingers still crossed! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Right, until now, the wavelengths 5G uses were only used by the military.

because they have 10g now, which is on the spacecraft in orbit from the roswell crash tech.

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