Andy dalton benched

I’d love to get him as our new backup!

We already have a Stafford

The Bengals are a joke. IF they were to bench Dalton it should’ve happened 2 weeks ago to ensure enough time to facilitate a trade. The Bengals have not WRs with Ross and Green out, and a terrible o line. Finley is being set up to fail.

Dalton is a starter in this league and will be again next year somewhere.


Probably right - he could go to Miami maybe

On his Birthday!

Through Age 32 Season:

2,672 Completions 2,647
4,218 Attempts 4,259
30,844 Pass Yards 30,352
63.4% Comp Pct 62.2%
93.3 Rating 88.0
7.31 Yards/Att 7.13
18 4QComebacks 20
23 GW Drives 24

where are the SB rings? and divisional titles and conference titles and SB appearances…

wins make the QB great - correct?!

I like him enough as a BU QB - that is it imho…

Even if you just stuck with stats, Tom Brady didn’t become the Tom Brady we know today until he was 30 years old. He was more of an Andy Dalton, then transitioned into a Peyton Manning at that point. Tom Brady only had one 4,000 yard season before he turned 30 years old. Since then he’s had nine 4,000 yard seasons with 1 of those being over 5,000 yards and 2 more being close to 5,000 yards. He also never threw for 30 TDs in a season until he turned 30. Since then he’s done it 7 times, including a 50 TD year.

Unless someone is expecting Dalton to suddenly turn into Peyton Manning, the comparison is moot.


I think hed be a great shuan hill type backup or teddy with the saints…

Dalton is a starting QB in this league. There is no question about it. He is not a high level starter, but he’s in the top 20.


agree - so is bridgewaters. but, I am also seeing where Teddy may very have decided to stay a back-up… and why not?! if brees leaves the Saints he gets the gig and already is with the team.

Andy may decided to take a back seat and relax a yr or two. If so, I want him here imho…

The Saints made a good offer to him to be a backup. I’m not sure he would have gotten offers that were much better to be a starter, and they were probably chit situations. I think things played out about as well as him and his agent hoped, and he’ll get a much better and longer term offer this offseason.

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The Bengals have been a mess, especially since the upheaval along the OL led to good players like Andrew Whitworth leaving.

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Dalton is under contract through 2020 and has a cap hit of almost $17 million in 2019 and $17.7 million in 2020. Only interested if he takes a huge pay cut. Way too expensive as a backup.