Andy Reid interested in Kaepernick

According to ESPN this morning Kaepernick may be on his way to KC.
Let the show begin.

Interesting. I like this move for KC, but Kaepernick hasn’t played in 2 years. I’d think the better time to sign him would have been after Henne was injured so they’d have some time to get him up to speed.


Can’t remember, was Kaep a decent QB?

He sucked and was benched. That is why he started doing the kneeling thing…to draw attention to himself.

Then HE opted out of his contract under the mistaken belief that teams would be clamoring for his services LOL


He was decent, but borderline as a starter. I see him more as a very good backup in the Shaun Hill/Tyrod Taylor range. He has the arm strength and mobility to improvise, but he has to improvise too often because he struggles going through his progressions. He’s been keeping himself in playing shape. Again though, he’s been out of the league for over 2 years.


KC is not the fan base to bring him into after all the kneeling, police pig sicks and such. Don’t think it will happen, or work out if it does.

Good point. We are talking smack the middle of Real America where people appreciate Law Enforcement not the the anarchist west or east coast.

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It would be a bad move by KC.

Maybe Andy has a hidden agenda … to bring him in to simply tell him officially you suck!

Andy brought in Mike Vick fresh out of prison, so there’s no telling what he will do.


if he turns out to be a piece that helps them win, nobody will care.


KC will take anyone and they’ve proven that time after time.

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Exactly. Fans get over it quickly if the guy plays well. San Fran didn’t think twice about drafting Nick Bosa, even though he’s a hardcore Trump supporter. They knew any fans who didn’t like that about him would stop caring after the first sack.


Actually that’s not true. He threw for 16 TDS and 4 ints. His team sucked.

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Yea, you are correct. They stood by Hill. Ried took Vick back.

I honestly won’t be surprised if they hire Kap the more I think about it

Yea, their team certainly was terrible.

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My personal view only…

If they pick him up, I hope he does well; causes a locker room controversy and they crumble for yrs to come…

Imho …

Kap sucks. I would not doubt for one second that Michael Vick would be a better signing at QB for Reid and this offense .
Vick had a cannon and mobility and was actually capable of hitting a rec in stride accurately …
No shit I reach out to Vick or hell try to get Favre to come out of retirement …both would be better options than Kap.

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Where is this info coming from ? Was it someones opinion or speculative statement by someone on ESPN or was Reid and Chiefs reported to have officially have interest…I can find nothing ?

I later found out it was Keyshawn Johnson’s theory.
But hey, made for a good topic.
I had just woke up and saw the preview for the upcoming hour, and scooped you bastards. Ha!:rofl:

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