Annoying things your wife does

or significant other.

If I’m making a snack and ask her if she wants any, and she says no…and then proceeds to dig into it after I’m done making it and trying to enjoy it.

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You having trouble at home, bud?

All I know, after 27 years of marriage, anything I would complain about in this thread she could do x100.

Not at all. Marriage has multiple acts of comedy. Just thought I’d make light of some of those situations.

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I was just poking fun. Good luck with the threads!

She gets a buzz and she will not shut up for hours! I don’t know how she doesn’t exhaust herself in short order, but, she talks non-stop until she goes to sleep.
Like, “Babe, we live together. I know all of this.” I would say that, if I could say anything. I can’t.

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A few…

  • Talks when she knows damn well I can’t hear her. Like if I’m at the sink with water running loudly or something like that.

  • On the phone she tries putting the phone in odd positions even though I’ve told her that something about the noise cancellation and her case makes it impossible to understand her when she does that. Either put the phone up to your ear like you are supposed to or put me on speaker phone. That other mess ain’t gonna work!

  • I do all of the grocery shopping and always let her know when I am about to go (usually it is after my workouts). She NEVER knows what we need for the house over the phone…ever. “I can’t think of anything, I guess we’re good” or something to that effect. Whether I’m in the store 10 minutes or for an hour, without fail I will get a text from her with a list sometime between standing in line getting ready to check out or as I’m pulling out of the damn parking lot.


This. Literally every time I go to the store.

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We have 3 chalkboard cabinets where we write down what we need as we empty an item. One for Whole Foods, one for Costco and one for Publix. Chalkboard paint was $10 at home depot and solved that issue in our household overnight.

I text that I am going to this store and I get a picture texted to me with what we need. Plus whatever I want…:slight_smile:


New girlfriend of almost a year and things are going way too good. It is almost scary how well we get along. It is like the Lions are 10-0, Stafford has 40 TDs, 4000 yards and 0 picks already, our defense has given up 30 points in 10 games and the team is running out the clock the entire 4th quarter. I tell her I have my eye out focused on finding something that irritates me, but as of yet nothing. All I can guess is that like the old guy in Caddyshack I will be struck by lightning soon.

Good for you dude. Good to hear.

She piles dirty dishes in the sink if she doesn’t have time to wash them or put them in the dishwasher. It makes the sink unusable. I can’t stand that.

My wife would reply that she can’t stand how I put dirty dishes next to the sink if I don’t have time to deal with them right away. It takes up too much counter space.

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Damn, its the opposite at my house. The old lady damn near pulls the dishes away from my face and washes them before I’m done eating. She probably uses 40 gallons of water on 5 plates, and then puts them in the dishwasher. I started eating off paper plates more often because I get annoyed by the constant sound of water running.

Sounds great JR. I wouldn’t spend too much brainpower trying to find something that irritates you, it will come naturally. Some of it might be covered in love right now so its not bothering you right now even though its annoying, or you might be lucky enough that her annoying habits perfectly align with things that don’t really bother you in general. That’s the sweet spot.

My wife and I…incredibly different minds. I think quick, make decisions fairly quickly, I wouldn’t say rash, but deliberately, and if they aren’t right, I correct the mistake. I don’t sweat it. She can’t make a decision until she thinks every angle through. And she still makes mistakes. So when were ordering food at dinner, or at the grocery looking at a sale item, or at the mall (God forbid), its literally torture for me as she hems and haws. Choices completely overwhelm her.

I hardly ever take an item back. It needs to be defective or the wrong part, or something. She buys 5 God damn cabinet door knobs, takes them all back, buys another 5, and takes 4 back. Same thing with clothes. Good fucking God it makes me want to lose my mind because I want to go the store exactly one time if I can help it.

My ex mother in law was the queen of returns. She kept a partially filled trunk of stuff to return at all times, and didn’t care what the stores return policies were. If it sat there for a year before she made it to the store for the return, so be it. It was embarrassing at times. One thing I never even thought about was food, and I’ve actually done it a few times now. If she buys something and it goes bad before she can eat it, she simply takes it back. I haven’t done that, but I have had some things that went bad prematurely and I exchanged them. But for the most part I’m kinda like you, once I buy an item I typically don’t bother taking it back. I’m trying to break myself of that habit. Recently I had to return a defective item from Amazon and they’ve made the process crazy easy if you go to Kohl’s, and then Kohl’s gives you are 25% off coupon for your troubles!

She has really bad taste in movies and then she wants me to watch them with her. I like the cuddle but the movies are unbearable.

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Ok, I finally see one I can relate to.

Luckily her best friend loves the same sort of movies, so I just pawn her off to her whenever these times come up.

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My wife and I have long since accepted that we can’t watch many of our own favorite movies together.

The first movie we saw together while dating was The Ugly Truth. I hated every minute of that movie. My wife loved it. Well, some comedies aren’t for everyone. Katherine Heigel and Gerard Butler trying to romance each other was every bit as painful as it sounds. Even MST3K couldn’t make that shit watchable.

We later went to see Bridesmaids. I couldn’t stop laughing. It was the funniest movie I had seen since The Hangover (which we both liked, FTR). My wife couldn’t wait to get out of there.

We don’t go to the movies together anymore. Our tastes are too different, and I have to take Dramamine due to motion sickness. I won’t do that unless it’s a movie I really want to see in a theatre. We watch shows at home together instead, like Breaking Bad and Walking Dead. I’ve since lost interest in TWD though.


I just checked in on my wife’s progress on drawing the yearly Christmas card, and this was the movie playing in the background lol.


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