Another article about Patricia and Slay

Mad cause they didn’t tell him they were trading Diggs, mad cause they had to practice outside in the cold…really comes off as selfish and self centered. When is it the teams responsibility to inform players before trades? Hope he loves Philly and practicing outside there

Yes I seen this last night. I didn’t want to start another thread in it. But this article in my view, shines more light on what we are dealing with.

I agree. Slay comes off as self center; however, there’s two sides to every story. Now, going forward the wins have to be there for Quinn and Patricia. You’ve essentially remove all the so called malcontents. These are your guys so no more excuses! Win this year or be replaced. It’s that simple. The time is now

This would be a hard argument to choose sides on if we were winning…but since we’re not and the team seems to be in internal turmoil and we’re losing, it all comes back to the coaches and the dumpster fire they’ve created here.

How nice would it have been to go into this draft with Slay and Diggs in our secondary!!!..instead we just have holes everywhere.

I wanted to give MP a fair chance and not be quick to judge…but it doesn’t seem like he’s got control of this team, the locker room, the defense, …almost nothing. The offense seems ok because of Bevell but bad draft picks, losing games, inner turmoil, descension,etc. It doesn’t seem like the team respects MP…so I side with the players.

Slay and Diggs are probably right, MP and Quinn are not GM and HC material.

Well, that’s simply another log on the fire as to why he needed to be traded.


You have to admit Snags, that if you looked at the other side, they could have been problem children. We all know when family is together on the playground, everyone is wrong even if they are right. Family sticks together normally no matter what.

But I have to say, I can see the opposite side as well.

I really appreciated Slay as a player. He was a top 10 CB for the Lions, at some points in his career he was probably closer to top 5 for stretches.

But he’s in his 30th year of life and is looking for a deal that will make him the highest paid corner over the next couple or three seasons. And he wants a say in secondary personnel decisions and more?

Let’s hope they turn that 3rd rounder into a Golladay level WR or equivalent at another position (I would expect them to draft a CB a bit higher than that pick, but who knows).

I watched the whole damn 3 hours between Slay, GQ and Diggs.

Yall know I hate Patricia but my take away from those videos is Slay is a guy I’d love to have as a friend but if he’s your “leader” it probably ain’t gonna work out.

With all that being said what fans complained about as far as defensive gameplans and the over routes and crossers we kept getting beat by also pissed the players off.

It’s wild how Slay flat said out the 2014 defense waa lights out and made his job easiers because he only had to cover for 2 seconds.

We can draft Okudah and sign Clowney. If play man coverage the same way the defense is still going to be poor.

Then talking about how players were going to “boycott.” So this wasn’t spoken to, but I just wonder if some of those who are no longer here were ENCOURAGING others to “boycott?” Sorry haters of the staff, you CANNOT have that. You HAVE to remove that from your team period, end of story. They were “open” about not wanting to practice outside… Ok, so how would it have looked if MP had said, guys… you’re right… we’ll practice inside instead. How would it look? Perhaps we should have a new staff, that will cowtow to what the players want to do, so you don’t lose a Darius Slay. That isn’t how I’m built. The tail don’t wag the dog. If we’ve built a place where only mentally tough players that understand they aren’t in charge can handle it here? GOOD! All this talk could have been handled on a private phone call. The fact they are doing this on Instagram, yet are both so happy to be elsewhere? Slay cries and stays butt hurt for a year plus because MP tells him he’s not elite in a small group environment, but he goes live to the entire world with “when Golladay cleans up his route running… he’s going to be a dog??” Wait… you mean he’s “not” a dog now?? How dare you!!! :thinking:

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There are two sides to every story. However one story is not being told, stayed in the locker room, and the high road is being taken. The other is being posted live to the world like whiny vindictive little bitches. We may not be a better talented team that we had with those two malcontents sowing their discontent in the locker room. But there is no question we are a tougher team. Where that goes, we’ll see. Maybe we’ll suck again this season, and a new staff that will ask their players if it’s ok with them if they move a liked player will come in, and we’ll be SB champs in short order…

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But, Slay was not having it.

He indicated for the next two weeks that he did not speak to Pasqualoni, and he expressed that as long as he did his job, he would continue to be distant.

See, THIS is all you need to know. These guys, by THEIR OWN WORDS have been cancerous.

They’ve both gone from hero to zero in my book.


Diggs is no loss …Slay did not talk to his DC for 2 weeks because his buddy was traded …Bitching because they practiced in the snow ??? GTFOH

Trufant is a solid + on Slay , Slay with this nonsense is an addition by subtraction

Why do we have to practice outside in the snow when we have an indoor practice facility …are you serious ?

The Lions in 2018 when the bitching about the snow practice came about after they had just lost 3 in a row and to Chicago in Chicago in the Cold …they looked like stiffs in that game …The next 4 games in a dome Patricia took them outside to practice in the snow and proceeded to beat Cam and the Panthers that next game and go 2-2 in those 4 games .

Obviously practicing in the Snow was not to prepare for that coming Sunday …it was to mold or further out those that needed to be outed and find out which whiny Football boys needed to go .


Check out the photo…they were bitching and the coach was wearing shorts.

This team has let the inmates run the asylum since they ran Bobby Ross out of town. Reminds me of the movie Heartbreak Ridge. If you have seen the movie there are lots of parallels. Highway uses discipline that a bunch of underachievers don’t like and eventually they act as a unit. We can only hope the ending turns out the same…


Yeap and another logg on the fire as to why Patricia has lost this team and why our record is what it is. And 2 loggs to why Patricia is such a bad coach.

If teams like Cleveland or Cincinnati took these dudes in I might give Patricia the benefit of the doubt.

But the teams they went to willingly took them into their locker rooms and those organizations are someone of the best in the NFL.

I really believe there is a segment of this fanbase that supports Patricia because of how they believe a football team should ran whether it works or not.

We might not win but we are “tough”.

At this point I’m tired arguing about it.

I don’t care if a coach what a coach does at this point I just want results however it comes.

I support Patricia because I thought he was a good coach coming in. The sheen certainly has worn off, but to be completely honest, Slay’s words are putting some of that sheen back on Patricia and Quinn. He is an admitted pouting snowflake. I’m the guy that insisted people read Slay wrong and that his interactions with the media were more tongue-in-cheek than actual complaining. His snowgate interview is one such interviews that comes to mind. I took him as just messing with the media. Turns out he actually did have a problem with it. And this is one of the team leaders? He and Diggs both? No wonder we were trash. Good riddance to them both. Let’s see how things go this year with less estrogen on the squad.


Cool thing is the games will be played so this won’t be a debate.

Objectively a Patricia defense hasn’t been good in 4 years and gets beat by the same route concepts the same way for 4 years straight.

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One thing always bugged me about Slay
Unless I have it wrong
HE was the one pumping BIG PLAY SLAY in his rookie year
Nobody gave him that nickname
Am I wrong?

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Definitely had an ego from day 1. Not that it’s a bad trait, but he would do the finger wag after a WR dropped a pass, then get torched for a TD, then sprint to mid field after the loss to trade jerseys with the guy that torched him. Never cared for his mouth or his antics. Not a leader. Not a winner. Buh, Bye

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