Another dumb decision

Lets not fire two failed ex Patriots who drove a near playoff team into the basement of the NFL, lets give them another year to blow up their first mess and make another mess before you fire them.

You cant make this stuff up!!




It’s fact my friend. Think about it… would you let these two manage your 7/11?? What have they done right?? It doesn’t matter who you draft with these two lame ducks.

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I for one completely disagree with your opinion. THis was not an almost playoff team before, this was a team that was stuck in that 7 to 9 win area with no hope to go beyond it. While that might get a team into the playoffs every once in a while, that team was not going much further then 1 and done when they got there.

Now I know many are not happy with the results we have seen on the field, and I am one of them. I for one do like the changes that I have seen made to the team. The only question really remaining right now is will all the changes pay off this season or are we about to see a new regime and another rebuild.


The team won 9 games back to back which caused Caldwell to be fired. In fact, Caldwell AVERAGED 9 wins per season here. 11, 7, 9 and 9 wins respectively. Now, 3 wins is the benchmark for keeping a head coach around.

Also, 4 years in a row, the talent on this team has gotten worse. This off season did not make the team better. The draft is now even more crucial, because the free agency period was pretty weak overall.

Quinn should have never been hired. Keeping him around for 5 years is such a Ford move. Right along with hiring and extending Matt Millen.


These threads are the definition of useless


This thread is the state of the board right here. We’ve probably a new troll, maybe a old one in a new dress. But if there’s a topic that’s been beaten to death, it’s this one. Thanks for the great input Bill.


So useless, you cannot keep yourself from constantly contributing to them.


Well this is totally inaccurate.


Please enlighten me on how this is inaccurate.

Well flat out it wasn’t a 7-9 team as was mentioned above. You made that up to suit your opinion. 9-7 is pretty close to playoff team. And even the time we made playoffs it was only one and done because of poor calls. Like I said totally inaccurate.

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If an opinion regarding an inept management team prior to the draft is useless, I guess it reflects the entire organization…useless!!

This will be a winning team, just by adding Matt into the mix. Right now, I view our roster as a near push, compared to what is was last year…add the draft in, and we’ll have some nicely upgraded starters.

If Matt had played last year, we would likely have won 7 games. Add in the game that the refs handed the Packers - that’s an 8 win team that you are adding this year’s draft class to. Add in the fact that the entire DL was injured and/or recovering from injury the entire season…Yeah…you can see where I’m going w/this.

I feel like ignoring these things is dishonest. Pretending that we were a 3 win team last season because of coaching & GM alone…Doesn’t feel honest to me.

Hard for me to take those comments seriously. Feels like people looking for a reason to cry about something.

I’d bet we win 9 or 10 games, this year if this new DC works out to be even remotely competent.


11 wins and playoffs.
7 wins
9 wins and playoffs
9 wins almost playoffs.

WTF are you talking about???

They were a playoff team for 2 of the 4 years under Caldwell. They averaged 9 wins. Now, that wasn’t enough for moron Quinn, but now 4.5 wins per season, exactly half of what Caldwell got us, is good enough… Wow. The bar is almost underground for some people.


We’re about to rebuild yet again. Patricia and Quinn can’t help themselves. Between them they will one two punch team morale and by midseason the team will have I-75 eyes.
6 wins, max.

Maybe that was a mistype on my part what i meant was the team was a 7 to 9 win team. Not a 7 and 9 team. So the Saints and the Seahawk games were lost due to a bad call? Really that is not how I saw either one of them. Now the Dallas game does fall into that category, but in no way was that the normal.

Let’s just see what happens this year. I could see Matty winning 7 and they will say we are improving, so he keeps his job. BQ might be the bigger issue. We have money and I don’t think the free agent signings that we did makes us any better. Plus we have zero wr sign next year, and no true number one RB.

I’m not so sure. We had Matt the year before and won 6 games and he was a huge part of the problem because he had his worst season since he was a pup.

That’s fair. I would say slightly worse because no Snacks, Slay, Glasgow or Diggs.

Bob Quinn has been terrible in 4 years of drafting. We have 1 really nice player in Kenny G and a bunch of just guys. I wouldn’t count on upgraded starters coming out of the draft unless we get Chase Young.

If the AZ defensive back, doesn’t drop a softball to his hands, we lose that game. If Agholor doesn’t drop 9 passes, we lose that game. Matt played in those games and we probably should have lost both.

I get it. It’s hard to win just 3 games. You need a lot of crap to go wrong, but I still see this roster as severely flawed and probably the 4th most talented roster in our division. Even bad teams can grind out 5-7 wins, which is where I think we will end up.


This is where I know that I view things differently then most. I did not take Quinn’s statement about 9 and 7 not being enough as a statement about the record. I saw it more about not taking the extra step needed to make it to the playoffs.

Sorry we will just have to disagree about them being an almost playoff team. IMO the one playoff game since Quinn took over was a gift to the Lions and not really one that they earned. Just like the year after it came down to tiebreakers, one year it went in the Lions favor and the next it did not. Also I would say that the 11 win and playoff team was a gift to Caldwell from the team he inherited, and most of the players that got them there were gone the next season.

When I look at the team before Quinn got here it was okay with some starters, but lacked any decent depth. Now while the Lions have lost most of the stars they had, the depth has improved drastically. If Quinn can actually start adding some difference makers in this draft, I can see this team going from worst to first real easy.

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There’s a useless leap …