Another team gives up on Josh Gordon

Let’s see what team is dumb enough to claim him off waivers

TBF he isn’t being cut because he got high again or something, let’s not be a dick about it.

Can he play halfback? Only half-kidding.

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Ain’t he too old for the waiver wire? …or played long enough… Haha or not?

I feel fairly confident it won’t be the Lions.

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Yeah, and if the Lions were interested they’d have flipped a 2021 7th for him instead of giving other teams a crack at him first. They were surely on the phone with Bill at some point prior to the trade deadline…

Gordon was placed on injured reserve by the Patriots with a special designation known as minor injury designation. In accordance with NFL rules, teams may place a player on injured reserve with a minor injury designation, but the team must release the player once he is healthy. This applies to any player; veterans included. His release occurred after the trade deadline. From the trading deadline through the end of the regular season, vested veterans are subject to the waiver process.


After the trade deadline all players go to waivers regardless of tenure in the NFL.


I’m thinking Washington picks him up, because they’re Washington.

I say Oakland…or wherever the Raiders are this year. It seems they move every off-season.
McShay makes being GM look easy!


I could see that.

Gordon hasn’t been playing with the same burst as he once had, but he’s still got value, IMHO.

Its tough for me to think of many wastes of talent as big as Josh Gordon in professional sports. Its one thing to see a kids athletic potential in a general sense and think “if he could ever take the game seriously.” But Josh wasn’t just athletic potential with a ??? On what he could do on the field. He was elite on the playing field. The kid is LeBron James, but with personal issues he can’t overcome.


Mike Mayock is the Raiders general manager no, not Todd McShay I’m confident you knew that but if you’re like me senility occasionally rears its ugly head. LOL

Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd! - Mel Kiper


Lebron still hasn’t overcome that “hair,” though. :smile:

Anyway, you’re right. I thought Charles Rogers had that potential, but he never really proved it, did he? There’s the ??? you mentioned.

Gordon and Metcalf 2 big physical receivers

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Marv is pretty damn good out the slot.

Josh and Kenny outside is a nightmare. Oh well.

Gonna suck if he tears it up fot Seattle because that’s who I think we are fighting for the last playoff spot

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Yep - hawks are the top WC teams to fight imho as well.

I hate to take this stance but I hope it screws them up!!

They do have the hardest schedule in football the remainder of the season. He could help and they still lose games.