Antonio Brown -- interested?

More stories are coming out about had bad he was treated by Raplesberger which I find much more plausible. He’s exactly the kind of receiver we need so I hope BQ looks into it.

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BI don’t know what you heard but the wots was Brown was wrong, not only wrong but way out of line wrong. They said (teammates) Pittsburgh created a monster when they paid this fool. Say he begins every sentence with “How much they paying you, cause I’m the man and everything runs through me.” Honestly never goes over well with any team but whatever…

Here is an article stating Brown was wrong and another with a story from Ryan Clark about the behavior he immediately started exhibiting after he signed.

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Yep, Roethlisberger’s fault.

In addition, I can find a ton stuff that just about Roethlisberger being horrible to people.

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Not counting chicks in bathrooms?

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Yeah, just google Ben Roethlisberger is a jerk and you’ll get hundreds of results.

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I don’t doubt it, I was being rhetorical…


So my brother threw out a hypothetical…

If they got Brown and a Pittsburgh’s 3rd pick for 8OA, you wouldn’t like it, but would you be very upset?

Stafford gets his elite weapon, we have the best WR corps in football plus Kerryon and Riddick …Marty Patty continues to get the D dialed in. Quinn has 3 picks from 41 to 100 to find a few diamonds and about 30m free space to add another impact player and keep the guys we need, and add depth.

Ive seen worse plans in Allen Park…

If he can’t make it on the “Masked Singer”, how could he make it here?

so that reads to me like ben was getting sick of AB chirping all the time about getting the ball and then running the wrong routes. AB got called out. I’m not a ben fan but if you’re going to be a big mouth at least back it up. I’d take ben over AB all day.

Brown will be 31 to start the season. No thanks for anything involving #8OA.