Antonio Brown Update

Cut it out Antonio

Didn’t want to start a new thread, but couldn’t find the AB one. Which leads to the question, “Is there a search function here?”.

Anyway, he seems very upset.

“Imagine conforming to a system giving it a 100 percent to see them treat me like this is unfairly ! Making money off my sweat and blood Fuck the @ nfl I’ll never play in that shit treat black people the worse! Clear my name and go fuck your self”

Intellectual genius, obviously.


This one?



Well, that was easy. :confounded:

Guess AB just wants to burn the bridge in case he changes his mind.


Uh… yeah. Amazing the NFL has to “make money off your sweat and blood” in order to pay you and make you a freaking multi-millionaire you whiny immature douche bag. Has to be racism… Or, you did anything BUT conform, screwed over your (mostly black) teammates on 3 separate teams due to your selfishness, before getting kicked off your third team based on a rape charge. The game doesn’t miss you Antonio buh bye. Have fun chasing skirts at Wayside in Mt. Pleasant pal.


I’d love to see Antonio’s reaction to working at a Taco Bell if he thinks the NFL treats him poorly.

Hell, not even Taco Bell, any respectable day job that all of us show up to on a regular basis. Any job where your boss tells you what you’re going to eat today and you get to thank them for it.


Still say that bump to the melon (Burfict - '16), scrambled his eggs.

I find the whole thing tragic. Something is clearly wrong with him.

Antonio Brown’s talent is kind of a waste at a Taco Bell, don’t ya think?

At any rate, I’ve played football and I’ve worked fast food. Coaches are way harder on you than fast food manager’s.

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Brown , 31, has made $70 million during his nine-year career , and has been one of the best wide receivers in the NFL for years; he has been in the Pro Bowl seven times.Sep 28, 2019

I’m not sure if this includes what may be kept from him by recent ex-teams, but in any event dude is 31 and set for life many times over. He doesn’t have to work, doesn’t have to follow the NFL’s rules anymore.

If he’s not too far gone, he won’t break society’s rules too badly and wind up in jail. That’s the only thing he’s really got to worry about, except perhaps satisfying his ego. He has nobody to blame but himself for the state of his reputation. Can’t have everything, all the time Anotonio. Can’t keep your reputation clean after crapping all over it. You can’t control what others think of you, just enjoy the money and stay out of trouble bud.

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If the teams get to keep his guaranteed money, then I side with AB. If they have to pay, I’m okay with that.

AB needs to change his name to Cybil.


I’m old enough to chuckle…

I think it’s unrealistic to think you can keep tens of millions for a few months work when there are behavior rules in place, rules he clearly broke. Just one example is threatening Mayock.

I disagree. You can put some huge category called “behavior rules” and cut half the league. Browns behavior was unpleasant with the Raiders and the Pat’s dont have a leg to stand on for me. They owe him money…as far as I’m concerned. They have the right to move on. But in my personal Court of public opinion, I hope to god neither team gets off free of charge. I’m not cool with the dangerous precedent it sets. The NFL is always a non guaranteed contract league. Now we are going to get loose with the reasons why you can withhold the guaranteed portions of the contract?

Naw, count me out if that’s how you want things to work.


For guaranteed contracts to work, both sides need to play ball. Both teams would have paid him if he didn’t break personal conduct rules. For the Raiders deal, threatening the boss is grounds for dismissal. For the Pats, intimidating a woman you weren’t supposed to contact is enough.

I think you’re looking at one side, saying they should keep up their end of the deal. But of course it’s AB that did not and was the cause of all of it. No sympathy for him, except as a human being. Hope he takes care.

But the really dangerous precedent, one that is completely untenable, is expecting to get paid huge money and feeling free to break the rules that could lead to your being fired. Man, wouldn’t that be sweet? Sign a contract for tens of millions and do whatever the eff you want? Get fired and go buy a private island and a jet without having to earn it? That’s loco.

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Wonder if he gives the XFL a try?

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Well yeah and in today’s world you get to bury yourself too

All depends on the contract language
I have no doubt a guarantee can be no guarantee