Any difference makers @ LB in this draft?

I looked prospect -ranking sites as well as Walter Football & PFF. early? maybe Isaiah Simmons , Julian Okwara , and Zach Brown? but I’m not sure who is the most solid LB .

I really like Evan Weaver. Where he goes will depend on what he can run in Indy.

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Out of the ones mentioned, I really like that Simmons kid. I am sure he won’t be there when we pick in the 2nd round. Been doing some look up on him lately. Still more to do, but really liking what I have seen thus far.

Seen him play a few times, but do want to see all snaps while he is on the field.

Late rd guy like tevzino is nice. Not a difference maker but could be fun depth

I really like Malik Harrison. Hopefully he’s there at the top of the third bit I have my doubts.

Most importantly for this staff, any LBs that weigh 250+ that are difference makers?

I like Kenneth Murray. I thought i read somewhere he was returning to OU. I keep find stuff saying he already declared though.

A mid-round guy I’m intrigued by: ILB Jordyn Brooks from Texas Tech.

Had 108 tackles this year, 20 TFL and 3 sacks in a system and under a coach for whom smart, rangy, sure-tackling LB play is essential. He moved from a weak-side LB to the middle and just fluorished.

I really like Brooks as well.

I think Murray is a real possibility in round two.

Personally I think this is a weak LBer class for the Lions. Some of the best LBers are light and will probably be off the Lions board.

I think top 5 is too early for Simmons and unless we trade down I do not think he’s in play.

Murray however could be on the board when we pick come round two. He is a rangy LBer but is a bit unpolished. He’s not a plug and play starter in my mind. He needs to clean up his play first.

Personally I doubt the Lions go LBer in this draft. Maybe in FA. But we need to upgrade our LBer play.

Malik Harrison, who the Lions are coaching on the north roster, fits the size requirements. I really like him, though I’m not sure he’ll last to the third. Logan Wilson out of Wyoming (who we’re also coaching) also fits the size requirements and can be had much later. He’s not the athlete Harrison is but he’s better than people think.

I’ll be the first to admit that I do not watch a ton of Ohio State games. I personally dislike the school. I usually choose to watch another game most of the time or to flick back and forth. But I watch enough. When I see Harrison I do not see range. For me LBers the best LBers have range. So I assume when it comes to the combine he’s going to run a slower 40 time. The Lions have two slow OLBers as it is. What we really needs is more speed. Davis is our only starting LBer who has range but he is struggling as a whole. Also Harrison hasn’t impressed me much in coverage either. I doubt he’d be an upgrade over Davis. I see Harrison more as a box LBer in run support. He’s good at filling gaps and playing center field. But I do not see a plug and play starter. I could be wrong but he doesn’t really excite me much.

I firmly believe the Lions need to upgrade their starting LBers and this years LBer class isn’t all that impressive to me. I doubt we see many drafted in the first two rounds. The OL and WR group is strong so I’m expecting a run on them in the draft.

If the Lions really want to improve their LBer group than they should look to FA to do it.

Harrison’s certainly not the coverage linebacker Simmons or Murray or Queen are, but he’s also 15-20 pounds heavier. Compared to guys around his size I’d say he’s decent, but I agree that he’s nothing special. I think he’s got decent range too, sideline-to-sideline if he processes a play quickly enough.

That’s not to say that I wouldn’t prefer a coverage linebacker more (especially Simmons), I saw the same terrible defense against RBs and TEs that you did. I’m just trying to be realistic with the type of guys we prefer. The Pats prefer the same type of guys and yet they’re able to cover backs and tight ends pretty well, how do they do it?

Air, they will draft defensive players and sign FA there as well , it’s who Quinn picks and when,that’s most perplexing IMO.

Josh Uche could be someone the Lions look at at LB…

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I agree it seems a bit weak at LB this year.

I like Simmons but not with the #3 OA pick. He has good coverage skills and speed. Im weary about Clemson defensive players though. No real competition until the end. I did not watch the National championship but heard he did good though. Fast and athletic but arent most college.

I agree with Murray! He needs to be coached up. I would spend a 2nd rd pick but wouldnt take him with any 1st rd pick that we have or could get. I think he would be killer in the run game. Oklahoma has had good success with LBers too. I like how he tackles. From what ive seen he wraps up and doesnt let go. Hes fast and athletic but arent most in college. I just like the way he plays.

I do hope they go after some FA LBers too. Schobert, Trevathan, Fowler, Littleton, Judon. Move davis around to apply pressure. Unleash the beast. Let Tavai man the middle with a FA signing.

Quinn has pretty much said he believes the LBs were a strenght. I not sure what resources he will invest. But the LBer I think fits the best for our Defense is
Anfernee Jennings. He big , fast can rush the passer really well but he’s also very good in coverage. 6’3 260. And he’s from Alabama.

Ive been hearing a lot about Jennings. i dont know anything about him but will be looking at him now. He fits what it seems they look for.

He’s like Jamie Collins with out the attitude.

Im all for drafting him from what i just read and seen. Has the Height and weight the Lions are looking for. Not sure why he isnt high up some of these draft boards. He looks like he can diagnose quickly and get to were he needs to be. What round do you think he will be going?