Any Gardners that need Seeds

Just post what kind and how many, what brand, anything else you think is important. If I can get them I’ll pm you and get them sent out. We just had our biggest one day spike yesterday, not sure how long we’ll be open but we are for now.


That’s really nice of you.

My wife told me I got a check from my uncle Sam. Hell, I didn’t even know I had an uncle Sam, but good enough. So I’m flush right now, and I read where you Michigan people were prohibited from getting gardening supplies. Although I wasn’t a big fan of the protest, I more than get it. I can go into a store and buy this but I can’t buy that, brilliant. So, solid offer, just let me know.

You can buy seeds and supplies in Michigan, lol. That was a fake talking point thing. It is still very nice to offer others what you have.

Just great, the one time in my life I try and be a nice guy and I get catfished. Just goes to show, it’s always something. I personally don’t have a garden, I live around the Amish and they grow the best vegetables evah. I do grow some peppers, that’s about it.

No. Come on. You turned it into a pro protest thing that was a false narrative. You could always buy seeds and gardening supplies. You went political. I called you out. Offering seeds is still a great thing.

Uh, you have me confused with someone else. None of that was on me, you need to recheck your “facts”.

i could use some seed nothern lights. Panama Red . Maybe?

You know, these kids today have no concept of taste when it comes to weed. Red, Acapulco Gold, Thai Sticks, etc. Modiano rolling papers, (no glue), but I digress. I spent time in Hawaii and every island had different types of pot. Elephant grass, while really good, wasn’t my favorite, nor was “Maui Wowee”, I like what I like. I was always more of a hash fan, Temple Balls, Nepalese finger hash, Double Zero from Morocco, red and blond from Lebanon, it was a time in my life where I liked what I like and never ran out, but eventually work turned it’s ugly head and I was forced to grow up. And after a while, I just didn’t miss it all that much.


Yes and no, you have to order it online and then wait in line for it for curbside pickup… Looks like Eastern European bread lines when I drive by, just with cars instead of people.

Some stores you can buy whatever you want.
And there are other stores you can’t.

You had me at Thai Stick.

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i feel like im watching Pineapple Express.
Funniest line from that movie…
“get em in the hole”
“Fuck you! What’s down there, a Rankor.”

I was dying laughing

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