Any good researchers out there?

It would be interesting to know the worse record of a team that has led every game of a season in NFL history

And possibly even more to the point, has led every game in the 4th quarter except for one

Think you might be looking at the worst team in regards to that stat.


It’s the NFL. The league is designed for close games. We won 3 games and tied a terrible team. Participation trophies are for kids.


Sadly, the Cardinals are also saying they tied a terrible team.


@wesleysh21 probably knows off the top of his head. LOL. Football Einstein, for real.

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This one is a weird metric I have never studied

AND lost by a TD or less.
…we’re not that far off, fellas.

I see a team that was competitive but not competitive enough :confused:

Injuries were part of it. It it still sucks…

The coaches should still get another yr imho

Our team is bringing up a lot of weird metrics this year. Wonder what the difference is in proficiency of DBs who have to cover for 7 seconds (or whatever the Lions average is), vs the NFL average, which I would guess to be much less than that.

I feel like this team is closer than most realize, and it’s making me wonder some weird shit too. LOL.

I think you’ve had too much tryptophan!

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Why would you trip a fan? Seems cruel.

And while this researcher is at it, I’m curious to know if any other city’s four major sports teams were all in last place at the same time.


Who here remembers when we were “City of Champions”? All three Detroit teams won championships in 1935-6. Ah, memories…

Spiel54man you are just all kinds of depressing metrics to look up. I will do some heavy research for you this weekend. I can’t say for sure but it seems to me I remember a couple games ago something to the effect that no team has ever LED every single game of the year and finished with less than 10 wins but don’t hold me to that. I’ll see what I can find out though on all requests


Now, where have I heard that before?:thinking:

Ha! Likely from me! :wink:

Every year this time.
Not necessarily you.
Last year when the defense was coming around, and the offense sucked.

So next year both will either suck or be great. 2-14 or 14-2