Any interest in Stefan Diggs?

Any interest in Diggs ? Stafford strong arm please him ?

Wideouts are about to get overpaid at a ridiculous level.

As an offensive of player he might call out our defense, Patricia might be worried

3…2…1…make it a Patricia thread!

I would look at him for the right price

How’s about we just extend Kenny G…


… and it is a deep WR draft class.

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This may be a stronger wide receiver class than 2014 was and that’s considered one of the best ever. Other than Danny A I don’t think I would spend free agency money on any wide receiver when you can get such a vast variety of talent, whatever you need it’s available in the draft all the way into the fourth round. Not saying I wouldn’t look at the right player at the right price though but he will definitely not be the right price


Diggs is a good route runner and I think he’s the type of WR the Lions need. However I don’t think he’s a viable option and here’s why.

He has multiple years left on his contract. He’s not happy about his current pay and is trying to force MIN into trading him. I don’t see any way they would trade him to a division rival.

Personally I think he stays in MIN and MIN is forced to play hard ball with him or pay him. I doubt anyone gives MIN much in a trade. Maybe a 3rd. Especially in a deep WR class. Post draft or before the trade deadline is likely when Diggs is traded if at all.

I think most GM’s would target Amari Cooper first and then look to the draft before they consider Diggs.


FA isn’t the way I would go at WR. Mediocre receivers get 10M plus a year in FA.


just mentioned him over in the Perriman thread…Amari…

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This has been what people have been saying for years and guys like Jennings and Tate pass on much bigger contracts with their current team to find out it isn’t there.

Logic will tell you that in a great WR draft year, people would rather get one there and not spend the money in FA.

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