Any interest in Vic Beasley

Reports are Atlanta is open to trading him. He’s only 27. Having a down year, but is that because of the team? Was an absolute beast just a couple years ago. For the right price i’m in. Am I crazy? Haven’t watched any Falcons games.

I don’t know his contract status but if the price was very reasonable, heck yes!
We need an edge rusher and now

I don’t see the fit here other then as a 3rd down pass rusher .
He can’t hold an edge , is a liability in the run game , not a LB, he needs his hand in the dirt for his get off…and the biggest deal of all is what do you give up for a guy who you will not keep ? He has like $13 Million dollars coming to him via his 5th year option in 2020 as it was picked up and will transfer to any team that trades for him…
He is not remotely worth that money but he holds the cards in any negotiation just like Ebron did . Pay me my option money or release me I want to test the market .

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