Any one still hoping we snag trent william's from the skin's

trent william’s seem’s to be in the twilight zone with the skin’s front office–do you think we go after him when the dust settles in wash.—or do we just forget about him and stick with what we have now or add in the draft??

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Nope, wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole. Sits out, then won’t play when he comes back, let some other team deal with his crap.


Agree. After jettisoning two players who sat out of OTAs last season, hard to envision the Lions trading for another player who sat out last season.

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Don’t want or need anymore divas especially after seeing Snacks and Slay

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NO. Draft an OT? Fine. Sign someone else? Okay, if the price is right. But this dickwad? No thank you.

This won’t be a popular take, since this site is decidedly pro-management and pro-ownership.

The Redskins’ medical staff nearly killed Williams by telling him to delay workup or treatment for a scalp lesion that turned out to be sarcoma. I can understand why he doesn’t want to play for them anymore.


Actually Broken, I think you are right here. For me, it all depends on the price. I don’t see the price being something that can will be overcome. But if the price is right, I would happily welcome home into the fold.

“this site is decidedly pro-management”…Are you new here?

It’s a rare form of cancer, Williams had been asking about it for years. I’m not sure why he wouldn’t have gotten a second opinion esp given his resources. I think expecting team doctors to know about rare forms of cancer may or may not be a stretch, but I do think there is blame for THEM to not seek a second opinion. IF they were to blame, why hasn’t he filled a civil suit? They didn’t tell him to delay treatment from what I have read, they did say they didn’t think it was anything to be worried about. I DO think that his “hate” might be fostered by the fact that he doesn’t want to play for less than $20 million a year and he has a year left on his contract and Washington isn’t going to pony up that kind of dough.

What would you believe a fair price would be?

I think the reality is somewhere between $13.5-$14.5 per year is where I would like this to end up. Not sure that will get it done, but that should get him top 5-7.

The guy was completely fucked over by their medical staff. Their doctors behavior was criminal. Calling him a dickwad shows your complete lack of class.

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If that was the case why isn’t he suing them?

Personally I’m not all that interested one way or the other.

But being on his 5th year option I believe Decker’s salary is only guaranteed for injury. So if the lions were so inclined they could just release Decker, and his $10, 350,000 salary, and use that money on Williams, and his 12, 750,000 salary.

Each is in the last year of their contracts and would need to be re-upped past 2020.

Of concern is the age difference. Decker is 26, Williams is 32.

At this point I think I’d just prefer to stick with Decker, see how he performs in 2020, and make a decision on re-upping him or not in 2021.

Agreed, I’d be pissed too. Guy is an excellent tackle and I don’t think he’s ever had any other off field issues, maybe I’m mistaken. At the right price I’d love him in a Lions uniform.


You got any facts to back that up? Aside from what Williams and his agent have been saying? Where’s the evidence that Williams actually did have a cancerous lesion? He did have surgery to remove a lesion, but was it cancerous? So how come Williams isn’t suing the Redskins for medical malpractice? All I’ve seen to date is Williams’ side of the story, which might be true or it might be somewhat exaggerated to get a bigger contract extension or traded. Tell you what, if I was knocking down $12 mil a year like he was, I woulda gone to another doctor and had the lesion checked out a long time ago.

To say the Redskin’s medical staff nearly killed him is somewhat over the top, don’t you think? You going to take Williams’ word for all of it,bearing in mind he wanted a new contact for $20 mil/yr? 6 years he had this problem, but now all of a sudden it’s cancerous? And he waits all this time to bring in the NFLPA to file a grievance or whatever it is they do in cases like this? Where’s the report that says Williams asked for an independent inquiry by the league to substantiate his claims? Where’s the lawsuit? He could file a lawsuit and force his medical records to be examined, right? And then we’d know the truth of the matter.

Here’s a question: would we have been reading about all this if the Redskins have given him the contract extension and the money he wanted? Somehow I think not.

Here’s what I don’t get.

NFL players have a health insurance plan through the NFLPA:

Health Insurance Plan

Although most on-field injuries are covered by your team, you and your family still have access to life, medical, prescription and dental insurance benefits covered through Cigna. As long as you were on the practice squad, appeared on at least one game-day roster or reached injury settlements for at least one regular game check, you and your family are eligible for these benefits.

So why wouldn’t Williams go to his own doctor for an examination or at least a second opinion?

Yeah, I’m not understanding these posts about him being a diva and blaming him for sitting-out last season. The Redskins doctors screwed him hard…and he’s supposed to just act like it’s cool and play for them!!! …come on, guys. This isn’t on TW.

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Williams wants $20 million to play, there is no way he would come here and play for the $12.750,000.

He can want what he wants. Last I checked $14 mil gets him in that top 5 area. I think that is where he belongs. If he wants more, good luck to him.

See, I’m not getting this. TW said he had this thing for like 6 years, right? Presumably he told the doctors about it, right? There’s no reason for them not to examine the lesion when he first told them about it, do a biopsy, and determine whether cancerous cells exist. It’s out patient stuff, they numb-up the area and they extract some cells and send it to a lab for analysis. An hour later you walk out of the doctor’s office; a few days later the results come back and the doctor calls you and tells you the findings. If it’s cancerous, he’s gonna tell you to come into the office and do a procedure to remove the cancerous cells. Takes about 2 hours to make sure all the cancer cells have been removed. It’s not a big deal, minor surgery. I know this cuz I’ve been through this myself; it can sting a little bit when they numb you up, but hey, it’s cancer and it won’t go away.

Now - consider for a moment what the doctor and the Redskins organization has on the line here. The doctors will be disbarred if they mislead a patient or lie to him or misdiagnose or mistreat his condition. and of course they and the Redskins are vulnerable to one big lawsuit and a huge public relations nightmare if they did this. And for what? Where’s the gain for them to take all that risk? TW gets treated properly and he’s good to go. So why would they do that? My answer: they didn’t.

That’s why there has been no lawsuit. That’s why when the Redskins asked the league to do an investigation into the matter, TW and the NFLPA squashed it. I think TW used this medical condition as leverae to get more money. Word is he wanted a raise from $12 mi/yr up to $20 mil. That’s what this whole thing is about.

NFLPA President DeMaurice Smith was on 106.7 the Fan with the Junkies this morning and he made an announcement concerning the Trent Williams saga. Williams has requested that the NFLPA does not pursue an investigation that has been requested by the Washington Redskins.

The team wants the NFL’s Management Council to convene a joint committee with the NFLPA to review the medical records and the medical care given to Trent Williams. Williams wants to move on from this according to Craig Hoffman who provided the statement.

Williams is not happy that information has been leaked about his medical condition and care. Smith said the union will consider legal action if the affirmative disinformation campaign and leaking of his private medical records doesn’t stop. The NFLPA’s official statement yesterday accused NFL Network of spreading misinformation.

TW asked the NFLPA not to pursue the investigation to review the medical records and the medical care given to him. Ask yourself why not. If everything he has said is true, then he’s got them by the balls and can sue the shit out of them. It would be the right thing to do, shine the spotlight on them and expose what’s been going on. But he’s says no, " He doesn’t want to drag the organization and the specific team doctors through the mud. He wants this to be over and move on."

Okay, maybe. But he squashed the Redskins attempt to open an investigation. Who is trying to hide something, the Redskins? Or is it TW? Why doesn’t he have this checked out years ago? Have you seen pictures of this shit? It’s ugly, no way somebody walks around with that shit for years and does nothing about it, not when you’re knocking down $12 mil a year. Had to hurt every time he put on his helmet. For me, it doesn’t add up.