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Thank you everyone. I got out and froze…lol. I was told I have post stress anxiety years ago, and over thinking every thing.

Try CBD for the pain…similar pain relief with no high.

This is what i have done for years. People always comment on how nothing gets to me, but they have no clue on how i have to find a quiet area so i can meditate and relax my mind.

I fish, I love that , getting on the water…don’t even need a boat. I can sort through my tackle bags, lures , arrange each gear bag just the way I want them so when I hit the water there’s no digging for stuff, no mess, I can go buy new gear, set up my rods and reels. but when I’m out in nature casting and catching, waiting for that strike…nothing else like that. I am a fishing addict !! no relief in sight right now though.


That’s one of my issues, I’m water guy, but can’t even go up North.

I’ve been putting 8-12 miles on my body at least 5 times a week. Running only a few of that, walking the rest. It was on the treadmill when it was balls cold. I watched an entire dirty harry movie one day without stopping my legs.

It really helps health wise and gives you a sense of accomplishment as well. I’ve lost 18 lbs since I’ve been at home. Not that I was obese, just added weight I didn’t need. I’ve also been home schooling the kids, gave my son a hair cut that actually came out to his liking, taught my son how to build himself a shelf, teaching my little daughter baseball (hitting it pretty well for 4 years old). Started an indoor garden, which is looking excellent so far!

Running out of ideas, but tomorrow I am painting the shoe molding in my house. Will take the majority of the day.

Anyway, I just found that trying to relax wasn’t actually relaxing. Building a bird house feels like winning the lottery right now.


We’ve tried that, it’s not the same.

Unless you can recommend a brand…maybe we didn’t try the right ones.

I know the feeling, I have a big lake boat and a river boat just sitting there waiting to be used and I’ve been doing projects around the house with the hopes of getting some fishing in these next couple of weeks. I’m not totally understanding banning boating and fishing as long as it’s with family members in your household.

Sorry man, never tried any. Just what others have said who have used it for pain relief but need to be lucid for work.

We are not speaking that persons name in our house right now. Between the speech comparing us to Italy and inciting panic, threatening doctors for using HCQ, banning of landscapers (can’t wait until we have to start spraying poison this summer to deal with the ridiculous mosquito population we’ll end up with now) and the boating ban… I literally am struggling to maintain my cool.

I’m just trying to roll with the punches for the time being. I’ve never signed a petition in my life, but I’ll sign that one to get her recalled.

Any one here collect sports cards.

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I still have my collection from years ago. 80’s and 90’s baseball with a small amount of other Pro sports.

I’d be happy to send you some cards.

download (1)

My favorite card is the Billy ripken fuck face card. I got it graded as 9.5.


Yup. Haven’t added to the collection in years, but have a couple hundred Nolan Ryan cards. My biggest collection outside of Mark McGuire and his shitty cards. Lol

The infamous Billy Ripken card. I only ever had the blacked out version.

Sorry brother. Anxiety is a killer. I’ve struggled with it to varying degrees throughout my life. Here are a few of my lessons learned…take them for what they’re worth.

  1. Try to regulate your sleep schedule by having a consistent wake time. Do not lay around in bed—it’s a recipe for feeling shitty about yourself. This one was hard for me in college because I liked to stay up late. As a result, I would sleep all day, get really depressed, and procrastinate all of my responsibilities. Get up, get going. Circadian rhythms dictate mood.

  2. Eat a substantial breakfast early upon rising. You’ve been fasting all night while asleep—you need to replenish your energy before you encounter anything that stresses the body otherwise you run the risk of crashing and ruining your day.

  3. After breakfast get your blood flowing. Go for a walk, do some pushups or pull-ups. You don’t have to kill yourself—just do something physical. Exercise triggers endorphins and dopamine in the brain that work similarly to the RX or recreational drugs you may be taking. They’re like natural, free drugs.

  4. Cannabis helps me a lot but it doesn’t help everyone.

  5. Orient yourself towards some goals and build in some routines that will help you grow towards the goals.

  6. Socialize with ppl that value your voice—like your Lions homies right here.

Stay strong brother :fist:t2:


I remember that card. Who was the guy with his initials in his teeth? Gary Sheffield or?

I loved the error cards and the traded sets. I will have to dig out some of my stuff. Good call.

I got over 500 Micheal Jordan cards. And tons of Barry Sanders autograph cards.

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Yes, I bought a fleer 89 box for 6 bucks. I got all the error cards in the set including the Randy Johnson rookie card.