Anybody else thinking we lose KJ because he can't stay healthy?

I keep thinking about this all the damn time to a point it’s annoying, but I think he’s on a thin thread. It’s annoying he cannot play all season I don’t think he lasts through 2020 without getting injured a 3rd time either.

When we were debating RB’s 2018 pre- draft I had KJ ranked the lowest off all the RB’s who went in the first two rounds that year. I was asked by several posters why?

I really liked Chubb and Penny and thought one would make it to us. I had Guice ahead of KJ but felt neither were worthy of our 2nd round pick spot. I felt we could do better.

The biggest issue I had with KJ was his upright running style. I’m not a big fan of upright runners because they tend to get hurt more often and they tend to get arm tacked more. I’ve always argued that KJ is best suited for a RBBC approach.

I firmly believe that the Lions need another quality RB to compliment him.

Don’t get me wrong I like KJ but not as a feature every down back.

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I think KJ has just as much talent as Chubb and Penny, but he just can’t stay healthy. That’s the real defining characteristic of these RBs is there ability to stay healthy. If KJ had been healthy these last two years, I think we would all be very happy with his results.

I think more RBs bust because they just can’t stay healthy than those without talent.

I think Chubb is the better RB.

But the truth is that RB’s with upright styles. Get hurt more frequently. So it comes as no surprise that he gets hurt often.


No way.

It’s not like we lost

Kevin Jones
Reggie Bush
Jahvid Best
Kevin Smith
Joique Bell and
Mickel LeShoure

before they got 3 full seasons in w us.

Totally not a trend.

It’s just another blown pick by the Lions. A guy with an injury history, and is slow. Add in the fact that they traded up for him; and it’s basically close to being as bad of a pick as Tabor.

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Like Tabor? Where do you come up with this shit?

Iggchit :wink:

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I think KJ is a fine #2 RB. No way he can be a #1, especially on a team that has no other members or a “committee”, so to speak.

I think the best way to get the most out of KJ moving forward is to draft a true #1 and to make KJ the guy coming off the bench. The decreased workload would, hopefully, enable him to stay healthy for an entire season.

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With you Air, he was not high on my list either. To your point, I just think we need to add another horse like Dobbins or Swift. I think we got what we thought we were going to get with Blount, in Bo. KeJo (was a huge Kevin Jones fan so can’t give him that moniker) is good, but can’t be counted on for a full season. TyJo showed some spark and a little toughness, probably should stick over McKissic.

I don’t think KJ is that talented. He’s definitely not a #1 RB. The injury concern is as real today as it was with him coming out of college. Maybe more. He’s not terrible but I’d say his role should be 3-4 carries a game and maybe 2-3 catches out of the backfield. He’s a #3 RB at best.

The Lions still need a #1 and a #2 RB in my opinion. I like Dobbins in Rd2.

I think “lose” is the wrong word. Replace would be a better one.

Like some others, I wasn’t high on KJ because he had a body type very similar to former Va Tech RB Lee Suggs who, while a fine college RB when he was healthy [], didn’t last in the pros because he was high-waisted with skinny legs.

If the Lions could trade down with Miami and secure their Round 2 pick, a RB in that slot (or the Lions own pick), may make sense if the right player is there.

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No question about that whatsoever.

KJ does exactly nothing that makes him unique to other backs. Not fast. Not powerful. Not a great pass catcher. Good wiggle. Poor vision. Injuries.

The good news is, he’s still relatively cheap, so we can roll him out there 1 more year and get whatever we can out of him. Just like Davis and Decker, in no way should he ever get a 2nd contract here.

**before someone makes a comparison to Cook with being injured early in his career, those 2 guys are not remotely the same level of RB and never were.

He’s on a cheap rookie deal. He’s not going anywhere.

I think you guys are all wrong, lol. I mean, I agree about the injury stuff, he simply has to stay healthy, but all this ‘he’s not talented stuff’ is nonsense. He looked fantastic his rookie season, he absolutely passed the eye test. No, he’s doesn’t have great long speed, but he’s explosive in short areas (which showed in his testing, 2nd best vertical and long jumps to Saquan, excellent first 10 in his 40). When he’s on his game, he’s got great vision and cutting ability, great jukes (remember the triple-juke in the the Chargers game?), and he’s an excellent pass-catcher.

Also, sophomore struggles as a RB happens all the time. Gurley’s second year was awful, so was Sony Michel. Leonard Fournette, Doug Martin. Reggie Bush, Even Saquan had a bad year this year. Sometimes circumstance + injury/suspension + more focus from defenses = struggle. I still believe in Kerryon’s talent, but he does have to stay healthy (which is why I also believe we should add another RB).

ok pump the brakes. I did not say that KJ cannot run and he’s bad or useless. I really liked him “when he was healthy” I think he’s a good #2 RB HERE , BUT it all comes down to his health and being able to play THIS is his second injury, injured in 2018 & 2019 . what I’m saying is that he must not get injured yet again in 2020 , and he has to play all season. IF NOT, that shows a TREND that he cannot stay healthy and play full seasons, IE we cut him , trade him, let him hit the FA market AND draft or sign one of the better RB’s to battle it out for #1 OR #2.
I have no idea what Quinn is about to do this draft if he’s serious about his job or not , OR what he thinks about KJ ATM. to me, KJ is on strike two already having two injuries or two back to back seasons where he could not PLAY a full season healthy; this is why I posted this thread and asked.
We have seen Quinn go against the grain more than once and put doubt firmly in the lap of our fans that he’s a good GM. I don’t know if he gives a chit about staying here in Detroit or not this offseason will be the tell all.