Anybody else watching MNF?

Weapons, weapons, weapons, more weapons, and a defense.
Then there’s Indy.

Just chimed in. What record did they say Brees is going to break?

Brees breaks record but the refs ruined it by calling offense pass interference

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They took it away from him!
And, it was a bullshit call!

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That ref just wanted the publicity of being the one who robbed him of his record breaking TD, lol I saw the smirk in his face when he was announcing the crowd. Too funny, what a douche.

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No chance betting influenced that flag, huh?
No, really.

Just watching that outro, I cannot believe the Bills are going to the playoffs, wtf.

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Feel bad for Drew but it is nice to see another team get the royal screw job like when Ebron got the phantom OPI v Titans

At least it won’t cost the Saints the game like it did us


540 is impressive. Especially given he lost his first job to injury and was written off.
When you’re talking GOAT, you have to take that into consideration and at the very least, mention Drew Brees.


I mean, Tom Brady took over for Bledsoe on a team that already had a good idea of how to win with the greatest HC in NFL history.
Brees has had to scratch and claw, and beat Brady and Manning, throwing more TDs than Brady in less time.


So what do you guys think about the Taylor Hall trade?

Missed that. Where did he go?

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Hall & Yotes!

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Brees is so damn good. One of the best players to watch and cheer for. I hope he goes out with another SB win.

The way he was looking around, was like he was soaking it all in, one last time.

So, he also owns the highest completion percentage, too!
Bridgewater’s in.

The Pats were 5-11 in Belichick’s first season. They started 2001, 0-2 and then Bledsoe got injured. So Belichick without Brady in NE was 5-13.
Belichick was 41-55 in Cleveland with 1 playoff appearance in his 6 seasons there
So before Brady took over, Belichick was 46-68 for his career. Greatest HC in NFL history? Sorry, but those are Lionesque type numbers right there.
59-74 without Tom Brady as his starting QB in his career. He is 13-16 without Brady as his starter in NE.
In seasons where Tom Brady wasn’t the primary starter, Belichick has 1 playoff appearance in 7 seasons.
While no one is going to argue that Belichick is not a great coach, I don’t believe you are giving Brady enough credit for the success in NE.

Brady winning percentage regular season .776%
Belichick winning percentage regular season .683%
Belichick winning percentage NE reg. season .724

You could safely say that Belichick found the perfect QB for him and that Brady found the perfect coach for him.
I think when you are talking the greatest QBs ever, there are only 5 guys in the conversation: Unitas, Montana, Brady, Manning, and Rodgers.

Obviously. I said, “you have to at least mention Drew Brees”.

In regards to your other statement, NE didn’t know how to win when Brady took over.
And Belichick wasn’t the greatest HC in the history of the NFL when Brady took over. He was a coach that was 20 games under .500 for his career.

I was going off memory. I knew NE was undefeated when Brady took the reigns.
I didn’t remember that it was only two games.
Sue me.:rofl: