Anyone checking out the XFL?

In 1 and a half games I’ve watched so far, they’re schooling the NFL on how to handle replays. Of course, the football is worse, but I hope the big boys take notes on a few of these ideas. I like the kickoff rules too.

I’m watching now, in & out during both games today. I’m really enjoying the solid game announcers. Also nice to have a kinda “behind the scenes” access to sideline interviews, hearing play calls in progress, and the player whining being mic’d.

I’ll keep watching since I like the storylines of has-beens and could-of-beens. Not a collection of divas and bad boys. “For the Love of Football” is right. Most of these guys are making less than the fans in the stands.

BTW - XFL has an advisory “network”

Really difficult to maintain interest without a Detroit team.

And let me again state how dumb it is that they didn’t go with a Detroit team to start.

This area has shown it’s football mad, and they have the worst franchise in NFL history. Talk about a rich target.


I’d love that. I see that many of the stadiums are MLS or soccer stadiums so if things go well, they can expand into all kinds of areas. Big and small. I’m in Louisville and we just built a new soccer stadium that I’m sure would love a pro team during the offseason.

Yea I was gonna follow the Houston team until they get a Detroit team… Til I heard they had Connor Cook! Lol now if I get a chance to watch I’ll just do it as a football fan.

Too busy today, but will check out the games tomorrow. Not expecting a lot, just curious.

Dang! PJ Walker should be in the NFL. Kids throwing dimes…under pressure!
June Jones! QB coach extraordinare.
I used to live at I-45 and Aldene Bender. Guess that makes me a Houston Roughnecks fan.

Cook can’t even start in the XFL? Wth is going on with that kid?

Just watched them review a fumble. It was fantastic. Extremely transparent and it was super quick…take notes Goodell.


What’s the review process?

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Just goes to show that the NFL can get calls right if they really want to. I have to say the XFL is doing some things right. If the XFL sticks it’s going to force the NFL to adapt.

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Watch one here.


the best response in that tweet is the NFL booth in NY


Every so often, a post comes along that I become furious about, as to why I can’t “heart” it more then once.

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Anyone know if Josh Johnson played? If I remember correctly, the Lions tried to bring him back but it wasn’t possible because he was under contract with the XFL.

I might actually watch it. It literally goes till the draft. I can get behind that.

The review Process I thought was fantastic, it was quick, practical and there was even a little humor in the one I watched. It would really help humanize these guys and also perhaps help to kill the “rigged” angle…if it is done the right way.

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He was injured, but was on the sidelines for… uhhh… one of the teams. Can’t remember.

That is funny!!!