Anyone else notice Patricia calling plays?

Mentioned it in the game thread, but did anyone else notice Patricia had the cards and was calling plays during defensive series in the 2nd half yesterday?

They also played better defensively in the 2nd half. Coincidence?

EDIT: He started calling plays after the 2nd TD given up in the 3rd Q.

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What game was everyone else watching where we got lit up in the 1st half and shut them down in the 2nd half? Am I in the twilight zone?

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Very interesting and great observation. I was never a fan of the Paul P signing. Suffice it to say he won’t be the D Coordinator next year…right?

Yes I saw it as well, I also mentioned it during the game thread. The entire defense seemed to perk up and play a little faster the last quarter, when he took the play calling over. Paul P was just standing there looking dumb founded. Hope this trend continues against the Cowboys

The defense gave up two touchdowns in 8 plays during the 3rd quarter. I’m not following on how that’s better than the first half.

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I certainly hope this is for real and not just a one time thing. PP is not qualified to run an NFL defense. I understand why Patricia had him doing it, but it was a mistake on his part and someone should have spoken up.


The thing about football players…they are PEOPLE. People like to have fun. When you let them blitz, it shows confidence in them. Same with going for it not 4th down. We believe 1. you can make the play, and 2. if you don’t the D can stop them.

Apply that philosophy to gambling with a blitz and giving up a play. We believe you can get there, and if you don’t, we have faith that our DBs can give us another chance by not giving up too big a play.

This sort of stuff impacts team morale, instead of just boring them to death all game long and being incredibly predictable. Playing in Caldwell’s offense would have been grueling. Intentionally trying to bore the other team to death all game long, then attack them in the last 5 minutes of the game. Bevell was a great upgrade. Here’s to hoping the new DC is an equally big upgrade.


My guess is that after the 3rd TD in less then 15 minutes of game time is when Patricia took over the play calling.

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Guys, it was AFTER the 2 TDs were scored.


Actually I noticed about 12 minutes left in the 4th

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That’s more helpful, thanks.

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So who was calling the plays in the first half when the defense pretty much shut down the Bears offense until the last Chicago drive?

I don’t see why Patricia doesn’t handle the defensive play calling. It works with Zimmer in Minny. Keep doing it until you find someone that has the same mind set/philosophy I say.

Another thing to add. It’s possible PP is not getting the plays to the defense fast enough. Too many times I see players not lined up right.


He probably feels his seat getting warm.