Anyone have any idea

Why we aren’t signing any DE? It was a big issue last year not getting to the QB. Just seems like we should sign at least one. Like Griffen, some one who knows the Vikings well enough to have a game plan against them. Or a Beasley type of player. Plus no RB yet.


Well, they said several times they felt the issues were injury, understanding scheme and coverage Related. They have gone out and gotten What appears to be improved coverage players. I suppose they don’t seem DE has big an issue. They gave a a huge contract to a de who doesn’t generate many sacks…is a great jack of all trades player but not a high sack guy.

A healthy Bryant might be better than what’s left on the market. I see 1 or 2 being drafted… maybe young will be there

Again hoping a guy who has history of injuries will stay healthy is a bad way to run a team. There are a few vets out there, like Clayborn, Beasley, Griffen that could help us and could be a cheap one year deal

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My guess is that due to injuries the Lions are happy with what they have at the DE position. Though I believe that most of us agree that the lack of pass rush was the bigger issue last season, I do believe that I am in the minority that I did not look at the DE position as the problem. I say this mainly because as others have pointed out the Flowers was not brought into to strictly be a pass rusher. No that honor goes to another player, Kennard, you know the one that supposedly to have work on his pass rush ability all last off-season. All that hard work resulted in him getting the same amount of sacks and 3 of those came week 1, then he just disappeared for the season. That is why I am not surprised that the Lions let him go, and despite signing Collins I believe the Lions are going to look at pass rushers/OLBs in the draft.

It’s because we are getting Chase Young :crossed_fingers:

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your words to God’s ears man.

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My take is that they have higher priorities. Consider who they have now on the roster that could play DE:

Bryant, Flowers, Hand, Herron, Okwara, Strong, Wynn, Williams, maybe Atkins.

Still those players didn’t do nothing last year. If they are so relax with what we have, then young is there why take him. I mean why not a wr or a CB, or brown.

Me if they draft Chase Young


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Jim Schwartz watching Jahvid Best highlights.

3 things:

The Lions did sign Williams, who can play at DE. It’s not like they did nothing at all at DE.

The FA signings are not over and the Lions do have some money to spend. They might use some of it on a DE, or they might not. Never assume.

There’s no telling at this point who the Lions will draft. They might do anything, even trade down and take a CB, DL, LB, WR, RB, who the hell knows.

Williams is going to play more inside.

You can’t be happy with the current DE situation. Flowers and Okwara have proven to generate zero pass rush.

That’s my point. We could have the best DBs in the world, and no pass rush equals a crappy backfield. I’m not getting my hopes on us taken Young, so why spend some of the money on a edge rusher. Or is there no NE players left.

Your missing point about DE’s in a 3 -4 D that at times will be 4-3

If your looking at starting DL right now for 3-4 it would be Hand, Shelton, Williams
You will be moving Flowers along Line maybe rush maybe hold edge doing what he does get after QB when he is healthy. You will have Collins holding edge an after QB or covering which he is also good at from Sam LB
That group of 5 will rotate an swing from positions an different assignments.
In there system they have big DEs an rush DEs the bigger like Hand also are more DE/DTs

When Hand was healthy we saw what he could do along DL Williams is similar an showed it finally with Bears.

I think fans are mixing up with Edge guys an DE’s I look at are Big DE’s as DE/DTs an are edge guys like Flowers as DE/Edge players.
Then you use LBs like Collins to cover…rush or just hold edge when you turn Flowers lose at QB.
I think an I wanted him to make it but Davis in his final year as Lion. Just my opinon

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I actually like what the defense does schematically, but it sure can be hard to talk about.

The thing is that we ask our DE’s to contain. Not to get after the QB. We want to create pressure and collapse a pocket too but containment is key.

The pass rush will come of blitz packages with both safeties and LBers blitzing. That’s why we targeted safety and LBer before DE.

This is why I fear that if Chase Young we’re on the board that we would pass on him. Which would be idiotic.

It didn’t work last year.

This containment strategy sure doesn’t seem like it works. If the D-line isn’t moving the pocket, history says good QBs will eat you for lunch.