Are Quinn & Patricia examples of “Peter Principle”?

For those unfamiliar with the term “The Peter Principle” it is a management concept that states a person rises through promotion, based on their previous success, until they reach a level of incompetence. Both Quinn & Patricia were successful pieces, in their previous roles, with the Patriots, an organization comprised of many talented people headed by arguably the best NFL head coach of all time. Expecting Quinn & Patricia to translate their success based on an over emphasized & limited role, is not so much based on factual evidence but wishful thinking. They are not the first former NE executives or coaches who left the nest & failed to bring the Patriot magic with them. I began hoping that this new team was the Messiah we all were waiting for, but am honestly beginning to feel it was based more on hope than reality. Maybe I’m wrong, once again, & things will work out, but being down this road so often with this franchise leaves little hope.

Guess I’ll just plop this down here.

With all the talk coming from ex-players and what I’ve read, I’m starting to sway on Quinticia. Now leaning toward brooming Matty and giving Quinn one more shot at a replacement. So, in reality, guessing that Quinn will be given two more years with a new coach. I’d like to keep Bevell but not sure how that will work with a new regime.

Not trying to hijack this thread and my views are somewhat related.

regardless of the principle, these guys need to be shown the door

I don’t think Quinn learned much at NE. We talk about the Patriot way but he doesn’t actually do anything the Patriot way. He tries to emulate it but it seems obvious he doesn’t actually understand it, so he just tries to get ex NE players.

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I think it’s particularly true with Patricia. He has awful, awful leadership skills. But he thinks everyone should just defer to him because he’s a rocket scientist and “obviously” the smartest guy in the room.

That attitude might fly as DC but not when you sit in the big chair.

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Real leaders don’t bring someone else’s system. They create one.


All these guys in the past keep trying to bring the Patriot way without the only piece that matters: Belichick.
I wanted to, and gave these guys a chance. It almost seems ridiculous to me that, in only year 2, I’ve jumped ship. I always want a regime to have a minimum 3 years… but it keeps looking like regression, not progression.
I expect one more year for this group. Stafford getting injured will be the excuse. But I wouldn’t be against a total broom from top to bottom… again. Another M’er F’ing rebuild.

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