Are there any lifers?

Is there a player, besides Stafford, that you would consider a Lion for Life? Or even someone that will be known as a Lion? Maybe Ragnow. Anyone else?



I don’t see anyone outside of Staf.

Backus, but he actually cared about winning. Nobody else did, including Stafford. Most guys were/are just here for the paycheck.

Funny. The guys that I thought would be Lion lifers got traded or released. Next year: So will the guys that traded/released them.

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Not a player, but me… :sob:

That’s a life sentence, not a lifer Syd.

That’s BS an You know it just another cheap shot

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Glasgow should’ve been

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No Stafford doesn’t care about winning he just sticks around to get his ass beat and broken for shits and giggles.

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…or for a huge paycheck.

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But but we’re getting a 3rd or 4th comp for him next year! Heck, we had at least 3 of our free agents sign multi-year deals with other teams.


Of current players outside of Staff, Golladay seems to have the best chance.

Honestly, Quinn should’ve already signed KG to an extension. We’ll see.

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Well, it takes 2 to tango, as they say. Perhaps Kenny G. isn’t drooling over the idea of playing 5 more years for this #brokedick organization.

Honestly, if you are Kenny, do you re-up with the Lions who are almost certain to be going thru yet another regime change within the next 18 or so months, or do you just play out your deal and get to choose your destination for the next 4-6 years?

Why? There’s no reason to until this summer or during the season.

I’m a life long Lions fan, Stafford may be the only one to ‘retire’ a Lion.

Considering the Patriot way, lifers don’t really fit. If Tom can be moved on, no one is safe.

Okudah? …

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