Are we any worse/ literally?

2018 3-6 W’s , 2019?? 3 W’s . We are all in agreement it is not good. Just like we are all in agreement that it’s not likely that Bob Quinn and company WILL knock our socks off with a stellar offseason.

We as Lions fans knew free agency COULD be flat, and to little surprise IT WAS. So why in thee hell are we sitting here taking shots at eachother !? WE KNEW this had a decent chance at being a flop. I get those that have the “wait and see” stance, because we don’t know what 20 20 is going to be.

KJ should be healthy, Stafford should be healthy , TJ could be , all the other injured players we had should be in a much better place a year later -starting the season WITH some new additions, new help to boot.

We have reason to wait and see and NOT target eachother. we haven’t even drafted yet and we’re getting pretty unruly already . Let us focus/RE focus on football and not personal attacks.


I don’t think they are any better pre draft currently than they were this time last year.

Frankly the whining about the whining is worse than the doom and gloom because at least the doom and glommers have long term and short term history or their side.


And they could all get the virus and we can blame BQ for poor self containment protocols :crazy_face:

IMO the two are just as aggravating, including the oneupsmanship.

Right on man, you said it all



Fans are complaining??? This must mean the Lions are having a great offseason! lol!

The Pistons were talking this same stuff heading into this season. “If we just get Blake Griffin and Reggie Jackson to stay healthy, with Andre Drummond…”

When you’re reliant on players with a recent injury history to all suddenly be healthy for you … it doesn’t happen. And neither does winning.

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Oh yes, they are far worse than last season…at this stage.

sarcasm or what? our injured players have had since the end of 2019 to recover more from any of their previous issues.

I was not as high on this team as many folks were last year. People were talking top-10 defense as we entered the season. It’s hard to remember exactly where we were at this point last year, but I do know we were all happy to have Snacks and Slay and Diggs as part of the defense.

We were up in the air on OL, though many of us expected Ragnow at Center and Glasgow at RG, though we weren’t sure who would do well at LG. This year, we’re in a similar boat. The RT is questionable, as Wagner was. The LT, LG and C are settled. There’s a question at RG instead of LG.

We had nothing at TE at this time last year. It’s definitely better.

We have 4 additions on defense from last year’s draft class (Tavai, Harris, Amani-O, Bryant)

The LB group is better. The next LB added will knock a familiar name off (Longa or JRM).

Backup QB is not even a concern at this point.

Needs are:

I’d say it’s manageable with a chance at a winning record. Maybe not playoff winner, but sniffing the extra WC game if they have a solid draft.

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I would argue the defense is much worse. Still see absolutely no advancement in QB pressure, which has killed them for the last few years.

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hopefully Bob Quinn finds some extra brain cells and delivers on defensive improvement in a BIG way.

There’s a modest advancement in Collins over Kennard.
But, yeah, it’s weak. (Just like last year at this time.)

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How? When we have a new DC who will do thing differently from the old DC?

Playing the hindsight game, if we had Undlin last yr maybe we go 9-7? Who knows…

I can guess about better or worse but why speculate with so many unknowns?

I don’t care who’s in the roster: I want to win! And I hope we do.

Patricia is the DC. I don’t care who has the title–Patricia calls the shots.


Hard not to agree this point. I would like to say I’m optimistic but they have sucked any optimism out of me last few years.

Have to disagree - dudes got a role that comes with responsibilities that you nor I actually know.

You are trying to go with absolutes without any actual carnal knowledge …

Absolutes in a non absolute world is senseless imho

though that may be true , Patricia now has a defensive assistant.

QB - don’t know until Stafford proves on the field that his back is 100% healed. Daniel is a better backup though.

RB - No better. Maybe worse. McKissick was the only good receiving back on the team. KJ is a walking injury report and I can’t put too much faith in Bo after a few meaningless games. We are not better by any means at this position.

TE - Same or worse. Lost a TE from a very weak group. Maybe TJH comes back and plays at a hall of fame level. Otherwise that was a wasted pick. James was also a terrible signing. He does nothing well.

WR - Same 3 guys as last year. No better. No worse.

O-Line - Worse. Lost our 2nd best lineman. Replaced our RT with a backup. Might end up being a slight upgrade to Wagner if we hit the lottery, but losing GG hurts. Decker is still a 1st round pick that plays like a 4th rounder and shouldn’t get another contract here.

D-line - Lost Snacks and AR on a line that was awful. Filled Snacks’ spot we hope. Not an upgrade by any means. DE is still anemic. Flowers is a 5MM player making 18MM. The other side is empty. Our pass rush is still no better and it sucked bad last year.

LB - Got rid of our best LB and replaced him with a guy who we hope is a tick better. Ignored the 2 other LBs who were actually the real weaknesses. Davis was a terrible pick who plays like a 6th round pick. Should not get another contract here. Tavai could carve out a role, but he’s slow AF. No better. Wash.

Secondary - Safety position is a wash from mid season last year. CB group is slightly worse. No significant upgrade. Plus we ignored fixing our pass rush, so good like to these guys.

Special teams - it was a shit show. We promoted the guy who coached the shit show. Therefore, expect more shit show.

If our team was a 2.5 out of 10 team last year, I would say we are currently a 2.7 team out of 10 now. A lot of teams got significantly better this week. We did not and we were terrible.

you know the difference between us having won 3 games last season versus winning 9 or 10?
It’s our fault The Lions Team gets in it’s own way. think about all the games we lost by ten points or fewer. Why? Because we are a team of a thousand papercuts in theory, except it only takes us a few cuts each game. We didn’t score another TD , we didn’t keep our opponent from making one more score to beat us, we let the official in by committing a penalty that cost us points. we can’t stop opponents from marching on us, we whiff on a tackle that an opponents’ WR runs back for a TD or at least FG range, too many drives got killed by dropped footballs, sacks, missed opportunities WE created… It literally bites us in the ass each and every season. little things kill. There is no reason why we cannot hang 6 TD’s on that scoreboard each game, NONE If we aren’t hanging at LEAST 30 a game we are not playing at a acceptable level. Not only do we need to improve this defense, but you must keep it from imploding every season or every other one. IT has to be a long-term fix ! you can "refine " it, but you cannot have dramatic drops in production. This team is not going to win if they can’t come through and figure it out.

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