Aron Rodgers just one super bowl in 15 years

I don’t call him great . If you are great you should atleast win 2 . Big Ben is better , he won 2. Rodgers struggle in road games and dome. I think his overall leadership is an issue too

I agree with your assessment for the most part but he WAS a great QB for many years!

Eli Manning is better. Trent Dilfer is just as good.

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I think Rodgers is a little better than you guys are giving him credit for, but I do agree that his game is starting to slip, he’s not as good as he used to be, and the officials have always made him appear way better than he actually is. We will never truly get an accurate read on it, because the refs have skewed NFL history in his favor so much.

Put Stafford on the exact opposite side of that officiating coin.

He’s as good as Nick Foles and the great Rob Johnson… Not better though… Clearly not as good as Jim Plunkett


Doug Williams is just as good.

Thiesman is better

Drew Brees also sucks like Rodgers. :roll_eyes:

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Arrogant crybaby. At least Favre was fun to watch.

You get 2 of the 15 best QB ever, over a consecutive 25 year span, and you get 2 Super Bowl wins. Not impressive.


Pfftt … our own Greg Landry was just as good

Jeff Komlo maybe.

Everything we’ve heard about Rodgers makes me think he must be damn near impossible to coach. McCarthy is a mediocre coach, but Rodgers’ refusal to buy into the system was a huge problem. How long does LeFleur have before Rodgers starts tuning him out as well? GB’s loss on Sunday was mostly due to their defense getting steamrolled by the 49ers’ run game. If Rodgers blames coaching for that, then he’ll probably go back to the same bad habits he had before this season.

I often say that if I was a GB fan I would very upset about this. Yea he’s a whiny little guy but for many years he was unstoppable when he wanted to be.

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Rodgers is probably my least favorite QB of all times - but to say he is average at best because he has only one 1 superbowl is just ludicrous. There are a lot of very good QB’s that never win a superbowl and there are a lot of average QB’s that do. Rodgers is a very good QB. He has not been as good the last few years due to injury and system change but there are few QB’s that can turn it on and just beat you on raw talent by making ridiculous plays and throws. If you let your emotions dictate your evaluations then your evaluations become useless.

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Favre won only one too . Favre makes too many mistakes , otherwise he could have won few more . Rodgers don’t make mistakes but he don’t demand much from team other than coaching change

I think he is an above average QB.

Is int reatio is fucking insane…

He whines but he balls as well…

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I think he is a really good QB on the downside of his career. But he is far from the GOAT that those chubby fellas from WI would lead you to believe.