As expected, Burrow & Young to go 1-2: No trades

Ian Rapoport

· 4m

The #Redskins have received calls from teams about potentially trading up to No. 2. But they’ve made a decision, and sources say no trade. They are making the pick… because they love the player who will be there for them.

Believe it when the pick is in.

I will laugh if surprise. Simmons is the pick lol

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This would be good for us to get max on a trade down

Hoping for the surprise LT pick at 2 :joy:

Draft starts with Detroit, bitches



I have a feeling it will be 1-2-3 Burrow, Young, Okudah. No trades

That’s wise

I was wrong once again! Shocking

If I’m a Bengals fan, I’m a bit worried why Burrow hasn’t been wrapped up contract-wise already.


Because these things frequently get wrapped up before the draft. And the fact that it isn’t could potentially be an indicator that it won’t be a smooth negotiation. Especially with the rumblings already out there that Burrow isn’t super-enthused about playing for them.

Pffff, last year the first player to sign was a 4th round punter. With the CBA, there’s not a lot of room to negotiate.

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